Back Muscle Pain Relief And Cold Therapy Benefits

It is well known and believed if you apply heat to aching muscles, you can find back muscle pain relief. To the surprise of some, there is another choice to get the back muscle pain relief you need. Lying down with a super cold ice pack directly to the achy back muscles can give you some relief. The mere thought of putting an ice cold pack on your back sends shivers down the spines of most. After cringing at the though, try it and you will see the instant feeling of relief makes it a worthwhile option.

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Cold Ice Packs For Burning Back Pain

When you suffer from burning back pain or inflammation of the back, cold ice packs have been shown to provide the most back muscle pain relief. Some therapist will have you try this method because the coolness can help the actual irritations of the nerves. It is these irritations which cause the pain. At the onset of pain, using the cold method should be done right away.

Taking a bag of frozen vegetables, peas seem to work best, and wrapping them in damp towels is the best way to apply this method. Putting this makeshift ice pack on the back for around twenty minutes or so is advised. You will need to continuously check the skin under the pack for potential ice burn. This can happen if you lie directly on the pack.

The feeling of coldness behaves as a counter irritant to the affected area. This just means you will feel the coldness more so than the pain. After being on your back for a long chunk of time, the cold creates numbness. This will give you not only back muscle pain relief, but will also subside any swelling. It will also help any bruising. This back muscle pain relief method of coldness will slow the workings of the pain nerve signals. This ensures you won’t feel the pain too quickly after removing the ice. It also lessens any spasms of the back muscles and therefore is the most effective relief method.

It is estimated that over 90 percent of people will have to find relief from either back or shoulder muscle pain at on point or another. There are many types of back and shoulder muscle pain. Sometimes it can be in the form of sharp or dull and achy. It can be overall mild or downright severe. Regardless of the type or degree of pain, you will have to take it upon yourself to get to the cause and seek out treatments that help you find relief.


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