Greeting Cards Are Never Obsolete for an Old Soul

Greeting Cards Vs. E-Greetings

Greeting cards are one of the best things that set the celebration for the last 3 decades. If you are someone born in the late 60s to the early 80s, you are familiar with birthday cards.

For every occasion like birthdays, Christmas and anniversaries, sending cards as a way of greeting a friend and a loved one is a normal practice.

However, with the onset of internet usage and the presence of different social media platforms, the use of greeting cards slowly fade away.

People greet one another on Facebook and Instagram. Email greetings are sent instead of birthday cards. Electronic and digital devices eradicate the use of these personalized cards.

There is a little sensitivity when this certain issue is touched. Old people who are very sensitive and emotional used to keep these greeting cards as something of sentimental value.

Sending out greeting cards to people you loved the most is one of the most fleeting feeling in the world. No one could ever match the persona of the one giving out the card.

For young people, social media greetings are the most fab. It makes you feel like a celebrity. Seeing yourself with a lot of friends’ greetings on your FB wall make you feel important and well-loved.

However, older generations like our parents or grandparents cannot appreciate the value of social media greetings.

Here are some of the sentiments of an old soul to a birthday card.

Learn how to know the difference and value the importance of still sending the card up to this very moment.

Why Sending a Greeting Card as a verjaardagscadeau opa Still Counts.

  • Sentiments Have It

Birthday card for a grandfather will be forever be treasured. He belongs to that generation where a simple greeting card would mean everything.

Why?   Simply because it contains all the message of your heart, and that alone is enough to be considered valuable and important.

Old people are sentimental people. They placed great value over things that seem of no value to us. Great are the things that are kept in the heart.

  • It’s More Personalized

Compared to an electronic email or a social media post, birthday cards are more personalized. By doing it with your own handwriting you are exerting effort and is sharing a part of you.

A handwritten note is always considered special in any way. Therefore, if you want to keep it personal, do it the handwritten way.

  • It Can Be Kept as a Memento

Keeping something from your past is a great reminder of how good some people are in remembering special occasions on your life.

Although digital cards are readily available, there is nothing better compared to a thing that you shopped yourself and has written yourself.

The personal touch you created is placed on a special place in someone’s heart. It is undeniably one of the best feelings in the world. Having something to look at too and make you remember the good ol’ days is always mesmerizing.

A greeting card may be obsolete but it will never past the heart of the sentimental people who value the little and simple things in life like the greeting cards.



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