Intrigued By A Flying Drone? Check These Guidelines To Remain Safe While Enjoying!

We have all seen the flying drones and how interesting they look. A person can’t resist the urge to buy such a thing and then see how it goes. Many people even learn how to fly this thing. There are many ways to learn it, but the best is with the online drone school curriculum‘s help, as we can learn while sitting at home.

So if you buy a drone and are getting it ready and fully charged with a battery, it is imperative to check the rules and regulations. The drone has wings, and it also has a camera which we can connect to our phone to see where it is going and mostly to take a view from the above. So while having fun, if we forget about the rules and regulations of using that, it can get difficult for us. 

There are some specific rules and directions for flying drones by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). It is the reason we have to keep all types of information about having rights and how they can affect us. Here, let’s get to the rules so that afterward we can let the fun begin,

  • Fly at or lower than 400 feet

It is the first rule that every drone owner has to make sure of. With such a rule, we will be able to keep a check on the drone too. Sometimes it is not possible with the help of a naked eye; we can use binoculars as they can surely come in handy at this time. If the drone goes more than this height, it can go against the FAA rules, and that is indeed not something to want for sure.

  • Keep the aircraft within sight

 It is a rule, and it would be a felony to say that the drone got lost and harmed the premises because it was out of sight. Keeping the drone in sight will also be exciting, and it will be interesting to see the height of the drone, and the camera will show the surroundings. It will keep on with the enjoyment, and it will take care of the drone’s safety.

  • Never fly in or near restricted airspace

If a place has restrictions for the airspace, then make sure not to fly the drone near that place. With such a rule, it will help with the safety of the drone and the person flying it. Restricted areas have strict rules, and it is better to stay in better conditions. It will do no good to the owner of the drone as it is not something legal.

  • Don’t fly near aircraft

If there is a possibility that there can be an aircraft nearby, it would be better to keep a check on that and not fly near it. It is a condition that someone must take care of while being near an airport. If the drone collides with the aircraft, it can break, and it won’t be better for the airplane. It can harm the airplane, which can cause issues to the people in that means of transport. 

  • Don’t fly near a group of people

 Flying near people will be a bad thing, and it will cause discomfort to them. There is a possibility that there will be harm to them too. The harm isn’t just physical, it can be like invading their privacy, and no one would prefer a thing like this to happen to them. It is a felony to invade someone’s private space as it can give access to their private information too.

  • Don’t fly near any fire

 This one is also a rule that everyone must work according to. Fire can cause damage to the drone, and now that it is really expensive, no one would want that to happen at all. So yes, it is crucial to make sure that the drone doesn’t contact fire.

  • Don’t fly over stadiums

 Flying over a stadium can also be against the FAA rules. Also, even if it is a cricket match or another, it can harm the drone, and it won’t be able to work after that.

Is it important to have a drone registration?

There is a need to have a registration of the drone if it weighs more than 8.8 ounces, or we can say 250gm. Generally, the consumer models have this much weight, so yes, it is important to have a registration. The cost is not too much, and with the minimal cost, one can get to have the license for a whole three years. 

There won’t is a need to have another license for the next three years. With registration, the consumer will get the FAA identification number. The drone owner has to apply for that number on the drone, and that is a very important thing to do. People generally use stickers of that number, but a marker will work the same too. 

Finally, not all drones need the registration as we know that if the drone is of some specific weight, it will be an obligation to have the FAA identification number. With the help of that number, it will be easy to track the drone, and it will not break the rules or be there as an illegal drone. So with the help of taking care of all rules and getting the registration, the fun will be unhindered.


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