Natural Tinnitus Remedy Reducing Your Stress Level

If you want to know what the simplest natural tinnitus remedy is, then you should learn how to reduce stress levels from riverfronttimes as its a part of your natural tinnitus treatment plan.

Stress can be the underlying cause of tinnitus, but it can also make an existing tinnitus condition worse. If you’re already constantly suffering from tinnitus, prolonged stress, or even anxiety, depression and insomnia, can aggravate your tinnitus. The tinnitus noises you ‘hear’ would be much louder when you’re under stress than when you would be in a relaxed state.

Regardless of what causes your stress, the following stress reduction ideas will help you manage your stress better and get relief from tinnitus.

Learn to relax

One of the ways to naturally relax the body is by progressive relaxation. By tensing and relaxing muscles throughout the body, you can achieve complete body relaxation. Your tinnitus symptoms will disappear, and you will also feel calmer and be able to sleep better at night. You’ll be more able to handle stress without aggravating your tinnitus. Isn’t this the best natural tinnitus remedy?

You can find many books written on relaxation and specific relaxation techniques like progressive relaxation.

Exercise deep breathing

In case you didn’t know, abdominal breathing is a natural relaxant. First of all, lead with your waist as you breathe in. Use your nose to breathe in and count to eight, slowly filling the diaphragm. Hold your breath for the count of four before you slowly exhale through the mouth over the count of eight. Repeat this for at least five times.

Get some physical exercise

Exercise is wonderful for stress reduction and helps in getting a good night’s sleep. Exercise for at least 20-30 minutes, three times or more per week. So, just do whatever form of exercise you enjoy, e.g. taking a walk, playing golf, or swimming. When you do something you enjoy, you’ll lessen anxiety and stress, and that will make you feel stronger. For some people, physical exertion may make their tinnitus louder. However, this situation is only temporary.

Other forms of exercise beneficial for tinnitus are Tai Chi and yoga, which are also able to help you relax. You should easily find classes, videos, and books about Tai Chi and yoga in your neighborhood.


Getting to sleep may be one of the problems you face as a tinnitus sufferer. Sleep is absolutely essential if you want to stay relaxed and keep your body fit. Several tips to help you sleep better at night:

  • Ensure that your bed is comfortable
  • Don’t eat foods or beverages in the evening that will keep you awake
  • You may want to take relaxing herbal teas that aid sleeping
  • Switch on a tabletop sound machine when you go to bed

Try any of the natural tinnitus remedy above to help you relax. You’ll soon notice significant relief in your tinnitus symptoms.


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