Spring 2020 Fashion Story

Not the rows and rows of gathered grannie type lace, but lace peeking out at your neckline or in the sleeves. Lace may trim the bottom of your dress or be inserted in your skirt. If you aren’t the dress type, you’ll note lots of blouses [yes, blouses] with lacey areas that show off your new look.

Cover them up with some new leather and you’re ready to go.

Skirts are often A-line and thankfully those body draping skirts look great on every size and shape. They work for a very professional or casual look. Spring 2011 presents many trendy opportunities for all.

If you want to find stylish wholesale clothing, then skirts would somehow find their way into the list as they are the number one choice for young girls where it would be a nice fashion statement in the true sense without compromising on the quality aspect.

A-line skirts and dresses move easily with a little fullness at the bottom but they skim your hips instead of putting puff where you don’t want or need it. [Remember, neither loose or too tight of clothing show you at your best.] Besides, if you’re constantly tugging or pulling at something you feel and look uncomfortable.

Pants trends will include straight legs with the waist right below the belly button.

They make your legs look longer, especially if teamed with high heels. Some of us are beyond the high heels for whatever reason, but you will note that flats are also cute and very stylish. Make your own choices and perhaps you’ll have both.

If you can’t afford the new clothes trend, look in your jewelry stash for a big chunky piece that you possibly haven’t worn for awhile. Quite likely the more you look you will be able to pull out pieces that will claim fashion 2011 trends.

Shop within your own collection by putting all your jewelry out on the bed or a table.

Mix metals and colors. Pair several bracelets and/or several necklaces together. Layered necklaces of different lengths and combos will highlight and ready you for spring 2011. Your new-found jewelry selections make you and your present closet items immediately pop with the newest 2011 trendy look. Go out the door with a spring in your step!

Your wallet will be happy too. It is best if you can afford something new each season, however, so your clothes don’t become too dated in years to come.

Take a little time to window shop, look through catalogues or on line.

Do you find those current top color choices for spring [honeysuckle, peapod or honey mustard]] in the store windows or wherever you are looking? One bright pink, yellow or green dress, accented with various pieces of jewelry and different sweaters or jackets, will give you several bright, yet very professional outfits. You will cheer up those around you and who cannot be cheery when wearing those spring colors, a bit of feminine lace and a stunning cover-up?

For those of you who prefer the neutral colors, a bright shirt, sweater or jacket can serve that same purpose and you will feel comfortable within your own style. Spring is the time of renewal, growth, budding and flowering trees and warmth. Think about renewing yourself for a better and happier life.


Carrie Ragsdale is a blessing, as her fellow writers say. She is a wonderful writer and her articles are something everybody loves. She mostly writes about nature and food.

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