Using Visualization For Weight Loss – What Are The Benefits!!

When it comes to losing weight and most other things you attempt to achieve in life, your mental approach and attitude are just as important as the physical actions you take. Positive thinkers make things happen, and a strong positive attitude can move mountains. A powerful mental technique that can help your weight loss efforts is visualization.

If you mention positive thinking or mental techniques to the majority of people, they will tend to be dismissive, uninterested or just plain sceptical. This view is normally down to ignorance and a lack of understanding rather than it being a reflection on positive thinking itself. In other words, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. Don’t underestimate the power of the mind when it comes to losing weight.

A strong mental approach is essential if you want to achieve permanent weight loss. Going into a diet, adopting some healthy eating changes or embarking on an exercise regime, without having a strong positive attitude can only lead to failure in the end. View your new healthy lifestyle changes as a positive experience, rather than a chore or punishment. Rather than focusing on the foods you are missing out on and the exercise that you really don’t want to do, think of the positive effect losing weight will have on your health and how good it will make you look and feel.

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A powerful mental technique that can be used to help you achieve permanent weight loss is visualization. Every great invention we enjoy in our sophisticated lives together, started out as an idea and a visualization in someones mind. Visualization allows us to think of possibilities beyond our current circumstances, it gives us the courage to dream and the belief to make that dream a reality through positive action. Lets now look at how visualization works.

There is nothing complicated about visualization, you simply use your imagination to visualize an outcome that you want to happen in your life. It is a technique used by many of the worlds top sportsmen. The reason that visualization works so well is because your brain can not tell the difference between what you are imagining and what is actually real. Let me show you an example of the power of visualization.

There was a famous study done by Dr Blaslotto (of the University of Chicago) with regard to basketball performance. Players were split into 3 groups and would be judged on how many free throws they could score at that moment, and again in 30 days time. During that 30 day period, the first group practised free throws for an hour each day. The next group just visualized themselves making free throws for an hour each day, and the last group simply did nothing at all. After 30 days all 3 groups were then judged on how many free throws they could now hit. As expected the group who had done nothing showed no improvement while the group who had practised free throws had improved by 24%. Remarkably the group who had simply visualized making free throws (without even touching a basketball), improved by 23%. I am not suggesting you should not practice (or make healthy changes to your diet with regard to weight loss), but I am simple highlighting the power of visualization. Think how much you could achieve with a combination of visualization and positive action?

So how exactly can you use visualization for weight loss? Try to practice visualization for around ten minutes a session, a couple of times a day. Be patient as it may not seem natural at first, but try to be consistent. You need to find a quiet place and lie down or sit comfortably, it will help if you close your eyes. Picture in your mind how good you want to look when you have lost all that weight, and how good it makes you feel. Picture yourself standing in front of the mirror or buying the kind of clothes you want to wear. Imagine all the compliments you will receive and how happy you are going to feel. Make these thoughts intense and very vivid, really immerse yourself in them. Visualization will work with practice and consistency, so make a little time for it each day. You will find yourself automatically making better choices and being drawn to a healthy lifestyle

Remember to back up your visualization with positive changes to your diet and regular exercise. A combination of positive action and regular visualization will turbo boost your weight loss efforts and produce amazing results. Don’t forget to use visualization to lose weight as part of your new healthy lifestyle.


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