Aging is a No Go Situation

What makes a man manly often leads to his ultimate demise. No, we are not talking attitude here; our subject is the prostate gland, the size of a walnut when young and vital, which both creates manhood and often – via prostate cancer – kills the man as well. It is a Greek tragedy writ 21 st Century reality show.

Nearly a quarter-million new prostate cancer cases are diagnosed each year. Up to about ten percent of them will die from the disease, while survivors never know how long they will survive. There is always the chance cancer will reappear. Whether the male is a hellion or the meekest guy in town, it makes no difference: one in six will be diagnosed during his lifetime with the killer disease. Shake those dice and roll ’em!

It behooves young males to think about the possibilities that his body might turn against him early instead of late. Most male adults find out they have a problem when something else takes them to a hospital or to a medical clinic where a complete checkup of the body is needed to give an up-to-date status of the overall condition.

In one case some years ago, a father and a daughter took flying lessons and passed the tests with ease. The state required medical examinations before the license would be issued. The daughter passed easily; the father was denied approval because he has suffered a heart attack, without knowing it. That is somewhat unusual but happens more than is thought.

The daughter got the license and Dad went in to get a full medical examination where he also learned he had an enlarged prostate. Three years later, the daughter married a man who did not trust light planes, and so the plane was sold. Dad still had the enlarged prostate but it was not a hindrance to life, though over time it would make its presence known more forcefully.

By the time advanced age has been achieved, almost all men have learned about the workings of the prostate and have mixed feelings about its function. Without it, there would be no sex life for men whatsoever, so there are feelings of gratitude. But, if you live long, the prostate tends to enlarge, and by doing so, it makes the process of relieving themselves an increasingly difficult process, which is both uncomfortable and distressing to deteriorating bodies.

The potential for prostate cancer gets much higher with aging, and the older victim either become withdrawn from society or risks embarrassing himself if he arrives at a place without bathrooms when his bladder capacity has topped out again. The larger the size of the prostate, the less room there is for error.

While there are medications doctors can provide to aging male patients that help them resolve these issues somewhat, they are less than perfect in nature, and it is a growing part of the aging process that older men try always to know where the bathrooms are before they set out on a journey. And, they hate like hell to go anywhere they haven’t been before because of a lack of knowledge in a certain way to embarrass yourself in public if your window of opportunity has expired and there is no place to hide.

In today’s world, there are of course medications that can be prescribed that help the aging male go to the bathroom a bit more often than he could without any medication at all. That allows him a bit of latitude in what he can do or not do in public or travel situations. When traveling by van, porta potties can be put in closets until needed, and curtains can be placed on windows so that privacy is achieved.

In motor homes, the process for retired couples who wish to travel in comfort, the inclusion of a working bathroom is as welcome as is the queen-sized bed and a stocked refrigerator. And, with those comforts of home, seniors can go where they wish for as long as they wish in comfort and good humor. Just like that, there are hearing problems that are really common and sonus complete reviews are there to help you with that as they offer you a credible solution to your hearing problems. 


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