Forget Her Excuses This Is Why Your Ex Girlfriend Dumped You

If you’re like a lot of guys who have been dumped by their girlfriends, you’re probably scratching your head wondering what it is you actually did. She probably gave you the usual excuses, that she “needs time to herself”, or the classic “it’s not you, it’s me”. Women say these things because they don’t even know themselves why they don’t want to continue the relationship, all they know is that the relationship isn’t as fun or fulfilling to them as it used to be.

There’s actually a simple reason to explain your ex girlfriend’s loss of enthusiasm for you. Unless you did something obviously bad like cheat or be abusive in some way, she simply stopped being attracted to you. Yes, it’s hard to hear, but the sooner you can accept this, the better off you will be.

Don’t go drowning your sorrows with a six pack of beer just yet, because there is still hope! The good news is that you can still get back together with your ex if you play your cards right. Attraction is a funny thing with women. They can stop being attracted to you one minute, but they can easily get that attraction back just as quickly. You can help yourself with westword.

In order to get your ex girlfriend to be attracted to you again, you first need to figure out what it was that made her lose the attraction in the first place. 90 times out of 100, the reason girls lose attraction is because their boyfriends display actions that convey insecurity. Ask yourself if any of the following describe your recent behavior in the relationship:

-failing to be decisive and instead letting her make all the decisions

-acting needy or clingy

-acting jealous when she talks to male friends

-constantly needing to know where she is and what she’s doing.

-texting or calling every hour so you always know what she’s up to

-being controlling in any way

-never standing up for yourself or speaking your mind so you can always be “safe” and not disagree with her.

-getting overly emotional about anything

-acting like a wuss in general

If you really think about your recent behavior, chances are you will find that you’re guilty of at least one of these. Don’t beat yourself up too much over it though, because most guys make mistakes like these in a relationship…’s no wonder most relationships end!

Now that you know what caused your girlfriend to stop being attracted to you, you can start to proactively build attraction again and show her that you no longer exhibit these behaviors. With time and patience, she should begin to see that you’re still that same guy she originally fell for. Good luck!


Dating is a nice experience whether you end up with that person or not but to get to know people without getting emotionally attached to them. So, it can be considered as a nice experience also a learning process about others and also about you get to know about yourself too.


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