Things to know about Halo G6

The Halo Triton was a very impressive personal vaporizer that not only offered great tasting liquid that amounted to a great-tasting smoke that is easily available on vape liquid UK but also had long battery power, well-built cartridges, and a nice-to-hold ecig that was as good value for money as it was a great smoke.

I’m the kind of person that tends to use a personal vaporizer when I’m home and switching to the smaller two-piece designs when I’m out. The topic of e-cigarettes is sometimes a very tricky one and I prefer to take the discreet way out than full-on confrontation. And trust me, I’ve had a few of those too!

I decided to treat myself to the Halo G6 Starter Kit a couple of weeks after I’d received the Triton Tank kit, and you’ll be happy to know that this smaller kit offers just the same great value for money!

The first option you are given here is color. You can choose one of the following:

There really is a color to suit everyone!

I went with Jet Black because I’m that kind of gal, although I did toy with the idea of Princess Pink! 😉

For $44.99 you can get your hands on the following components:

For a start, the case is awesome. It holds everything together well, and you can even use it for when you are out and about too. It’s not too big that it can’t be thrown into the bottom of a handbag or glove box, and it’s pretty heavy duty.

You get to choose the battery. You have the usual manual and automatic choice, plus you can choose the length of the battery too – 78mm or 65mm. I went with the bigger ones and I’m pretty glass I did!

Wanna Know More About The Battery?

For something that takes just a couple of hours to charge, the 78mm battery really packs a lot of punch. I’ve been using the same two batteries for a couple of months and as yet, they’ve shown no signs of losing battery strength or capacity, and I haven’t had an issue with either of them.

The manual battery is in just the right place so that it is easy to find, and the Jet Black variation I went with had a good solid yet soft feel to it. It’s a well-built e-cigarette and you can tell that the second you get it out of the box, and it’s actually a really impressive bit of kit.

If I start using this battery first thing in the morning when I wake up, it will last me for almost the entire day. As I’ve said, I had a tendency to use the smaller two-pieces when I’m out and the bigger tank-styles when I’m at home, but I’ve found myself using this one more and more often – inside the house and out!

The battery life seems to go on forever and the only flaw I will say it has is that it doesn’t die slowly. You don’t get that fading vapor and decreasing intensity where you normally deduce that it will need plugging in soon. Oh no! This one gives it everything it has right to the very last puff and then the light flashes and the battery is dead. I almost wish I had more warning!

The end lights up blue, in case you were wondering, so no one can accuse you of actually smoking, and as of yet, I’ve had nothing but compliments for the way it looks.

How About The Cartridges?

Well, what can I say? There’s more good news!

You have your choice of either pre-filled cartridges or empty tanks that you can refill with e-liquid with Halo e-cigarettes. I love it when a company gives me options and I had a really good time with the V2 Cigs Ex Series which were the first I found to offer tanks with the smaller batteries.

The flavors were great. There are a lot of different flavors that you can pick from, and they give you a really good smoke with a decent amount of both vapor and throat hit. For a two-piece, it is pretty powerful although there’s not too much vapor that you can’t be discreet about it.

The rubber stopper at the end is easily removed to refill the cartridge itself, which is good news, but the bad news is that there is no stopper for the stopper! When smoking the cartridge, the rubber white ring seems to get pushed down inside the cartridge so you are met with that lip of metal from the cartridge. It’s not a big deal but it did get annoying. There should be a ridge or something to prevent the stopper from moving down too far.

Now for the tanks…

I was super excited to rip open the individually sealed tanks and get to work. I always find these thinner style tanks somewhat of a novelty and I’m always super eager when I get one!

I went to unscrew the top only to find out that it was again, a rubber stopper that held everything in place. It wasn’t always as reliable as I would have wanted. Because there is nothing but the rubber stopper to prevent the top from becoming loose from the tank, it occasionally popped out in my bag resulting in a leaky, sticky situation. Annoying – yes. Happens a lot – no. Thankfully!

Occasionally when refilling the tank, the liquid would congregate around the wick area and not move down to the bottom of the cartridge. This got really annoying after a while as I could never actually fully refill the tank itself, but it was something that I soon learned to live with. This really is a nice looking and smoking e-cigarette so the tiny little flaws I found really aren’t that much of a big deal.

It takes a lot to get that burning taste with this e-cigarette. I really liked that about these cartridges – you really had to reduce it down to virtually zero liquid left in the tank before it started to taste like it had been burned out. It only takes a few drops of e-liquid to refill too, and it seems to last for ages. Thicker e-liquid does tend to burn the cartridge itself out quicker, I have found, but the Halo liquid itself is well created for this little tank. Plus you can see how much liquid is left with the clear tanks (colored ones are available too), so that makes them brilliant over the guess-work cartridges in my opinion.

There are so many liquids to make your choice from that it’s hard to know where to start. With my order, I went for Belgian Cocoa, Torque66, Longhorn, Midnight Apple, Turkish Tobacco, and Voodoo.

Belgian Cocoa went down a treat and was gone far too quickly in my experience. This actually tastes as though you are eating chocolate. What more could you possibly want?

The Midnight Apple one wasn’t too bad either – very realistic flavors and a really good smoke. Too fruity for my liking – I prefer to keep this one for a little treat every now and again.

Torque66 had a weird toxic-yellow color to it and that put me off quite quickly. I also didn’t really enjoy the taste of it. Nor did I enjoy Longhorn which is possibly the strongest e-liquid I’ve ever come across. It burnt the back of my throat. Note to self – no longer buy Longhorn from Halo! It’s probably better suited to those that smoke roll-your-own cigarettes.

Voodoo tasted a bit energy-drink-like for me. Too sickly and too sweet and if I’m honest, I couldn’t make up my mind whether or not I liked it.

Turkish Tobacco was my second favorite behind the Belgian Cocoa beauty, and I felt that this one was more like smoking cigarettes than any of the others that I had ordered.

There are five strengths available ranging from zero tobacco right up to 24mg – high tobacco.

One thing I feel does deserve a quick mention here is the fact that Halo offers child-resistant bottles. I found them almost impossible to get into at first… But then again, so did my friend’s child when she accidentally got her hands on it. This is the first brand I’ve come across that offers this!

Why Are Halo G6 E-Cigarettes The Best?

Well, where do I start?

Good throat hit, just the right amount of vapor, decent flavors (it mostly depends on your personal tastes), a good quality e-cig, great battery life, good feel to it, it looks great… I could go on listing the benefits of smoking Halo G6 forever. I was so impressed with this e-cigarette that not even the tiny little niggly things annoyed me that much. It’s an easy smoke, and when you combine this with the fact that Halo Triton and Halo G6 have interchangeable chargers, and you can use the mini-tanks and cartridges with both styles of batteries! For that reason alone, it offers the greatest value for money, and it also means that you can really make the most of what you’ve got.

When you add to this that you get free shipping on orders over $75, and all the e-liquids are made in the USA and you have an e-cig that you can really be proud of using. You can earn Halo points back for every purchase you make, and these can be spent in the online store to get more liquids, etc. at a free or discount price.

You’ve got online and phone support for when you have those burning questions, and the warranty (although short) is to the point and honest. The G6 batteries have a 60-day warranty, and the chargers have a 90-day warranty.

Well, I can’t help but give them five stars out of five, can I? I can’t sing the praises of this e-cigarette enough and for a relatively new brand, I was very impressed! The prices are decent, the product is decent, and it doesn’t breakdown or needs replacements every five minutes making it even better value for the money.


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