What Are The Different Types Of Vape And Which One Is The Safest Option?

Just because there are different types of vape products, it is difficult to figure out where to start and which one is the safest. All these things make an impact on the decision-making process, and it gets really tricky.

Using CBD oil UK is the best way to get all the advantages of vaping. Sure vaping and CBD oil are the safest ways, and it can curb the use of cigarettes, but there are still some concerns about it. Before we get to the result of which one is the safest of them all, let’s go through the types of vape:

  • Cig-a-likes:

These are really small and convenient when it comes to using them. They are also known as e-cigarettes. As the name says, they look like them too but are totally different from them. When it comes to affordability, these are the best substitutes. People like that they come cheap, but the only thing is, they are for one-time use only. One can’t use them again.

  • Vape pens:

These are the best way to vape CBD oil. They come in different types and are a bit similar to the bongs, bubblers, and bowls. Those are the drug types, but people use vape for better results of CBD oil. It is not easy to take the CBD oil directly because they are sour in taste. Vape can help get the hit instantly, and also the results are the best too.

  • Pod mods:

These are the most practical devices of all. This is a two-piece device. One has the quality to be replaced, and the other one is refillable. The replacement one is the battery. It helps to keep it for long life and get the worth of money spent on it.

As the number increases, the type of technology in it increases too. When it comes to e-cigarettes, they were the first ones to join the market. Even if it is a first-generation product, people love using it because it can be disposed off after use.

Which one is the safest form of vape?

Now, here comes the main question. Yes, there are so many types, but safety comes first, and it is not easy to get it these days.

The safest option is CBD vapes. It is because the main reason for this is CBD oil UK. The use of this substance is worldwide, and all the benefits this product provides are not the same. When it comes to the safety of CBD oil, no one would say that it is lethal for health.

These vapes are categorized in two forms, one is desktop, and another one is portable.


As the name can tell, it is the one that stays in one place only. Most of the bars use this kind of vape. These are heavy in nature, and they are most authentic looking. A lot of people find it pleasurable to use vapes at their home. It is the best option if someone wants an in-house bar. It looks really great and is a great investment too.


These are small and are easy to take while going somewhere. Sitting in one place can get boring, so these can help bring enjoyment to the other place. They are available in pen-style vape pens and vaporizers. They are both for long term use with a refillable tank. Just refill the tank and use it again.

Finally, even if there are many recreational use options, CBD vape pens are the safest option of all. There are plenty of things that come out of CBD oil. Frankly, the variety of CBD oil is way more than any product, all because of the benefits it provides.


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