8 Easy Ways to Make More Friends on Yuwie, a Social Networking Community

Many new Yuwie members have trouble making friends, yet others who haven’t been on the site for long have lots of pals. How do these Yuwie titans in training make hundreds or even thousands of friends?

These friend magnets are active. They are easy to add as a friend, usually through a link. By keeping a high profile in various clubs, they are seen by hundreds of new potential friends every day. You can be that person, and it will only take a few minutes a day. Here’s how.

Check Your Settings

Some people have their profile set to ‘private’. This means that you cannot see their profile or communicate with that person in any way unless you know their email and their last name. There is no point to having a private Yuwie profile.

Refuse No One

Unless a fellow member of the site is clearly a wacko, do not refuse friend requests. While it is possible to make real friends on Yuwie, your goal is to increase your page views. At no time do you have to invite your online pals to your home for tea. If a questionable friend proves to be more trouble than they are worth, you can always delete them.

Make Your Profile User Friendly

Type your profile web address into the search bar. How long does it take to load? Too many graphics and animated cutesy things can cause your page to take a long time to show. This makes repeat visits less likely and may turn off potential new friends immediately. You can also getfans from some of your followers on your other social media networking platforms. This will allow you to make more friends on Yuwie. Just send them an invitation so they will also be available and present on Yuwie.

Link Your Signature

If you turn your signature into a hyperlink, you increase your chance of picking up random friends. You can link to either your profile page or make it a direct link to add you as a friend. If it’s quick and easy people are more likely to add you to their friend list!

Make sure to be clear that the signature is an active link. You can do this by putting a statement like, “Click to Add Me” in your sig. A quick search on google will find html tutorials if you need help with linking your text.

Be Active

Leave comments on your friends’ pages. Read and comment on their blogs. Rate their profile. Check out their pictures. Your friends will likely return the favor. As a bonus, if you’ve linked your signature, every comment you make is being read by others who can add you to their list of friends with a click of a mouse.


There are multiple clubs and groups on Yuwie just for making more friends. Join a few. Also, look for clubs built around your interests and hobbies. Post a message to introduce yourself. You will get friend requests from people who saw your message on the club’s board.

Be Patient

Don’t get discouraged if your friend request isn’t responded to in a timely manner. Not everyone logs onto the site on a daily basis, or clears their request queue on a regular basis. Never send messages asking why the person won’t accept your request, or they will think you are going to be a problem pal.

Set Goals

Set a reachable goal for making new friends, like deciding to send out at least 10 requests per day to start the ball rolling. Also, post a few comments each day. For tips on how to do this quickly and easily, read my article on posting comments, linked in the Resources box on this page.

Soon, you may be spending most of your time on Yuwie accepting requests instead of sending them.


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