Causes Symptoms Of Being Anxiety Depressive

Emotional disorders, though not recognized as medical term is often used to describe depression and anxiety. Depression is a recognized medical illness that has both emotional and physical characteristics. On the other hand, anxiety is a condition where an individual shows certain amplified emotions such as constant worries, panic and fear, and often these occurs where there is no apparent reason for such behavior.

As stated by clinical psychologists, serious mental conditions may manifest when an individual who is diagnosed with depression also exhibits anxiety symptoms. In clinical terms, this type of condition is best known as mixed depression anxiety disorder.

Symptoms of mixed depression anxiety:

Mixed depression-anxiety, also called anxious depression, often have more severe symptoms compared to when depression and anxiety occur independently. When both disorders overlap, it may take longer to treat because the condition makes the patient more resistant to treatment. Moreover, suicidal tendencies are more prevalent to patients diagnosed with mixed depression anxiety symptoms than depression alone. Patients exhibit both signs of depression and low-energy level, they feel hopeless, and they exhibit crying spells for no apparent reasons. They also have trouble concentrating; and may experience unintentional weight gain or loss. Other signs include: anxiety, fear, panic attacks, restlessness, irritability, muscle tension and other similar conditions.

Economic conditions are often to be blamed for some mixed conditions; as studies have shown time and time again, that minorities and those who are underemployed or unemployed are more likely to suffer from mixed depression anxiety disorder. Some experts believe that this condition can be inherited from parents to a child, however more signs tends to lead to the conclusion that economic conditions has more to do with it than hereditary. Another factor which sometimes contradicts the poverty and hereditary theory is alcoholism, which is a big factor in many depression diagnoses. Alcoholism knows no boundaries; both the rich and the poor all suffer from it equally.

Treatments for mixed depression anxiety:

There are many types of drugs that are available on the market for treating anxious depression. As a matter of fact, there are studies currently going by the National Institutes of Health for more effective and potent medicine to treat and control this condition because the current crop of drugs on the market are not responding well with some patients.

Anxious depression treatments vary according to the severity of the condition. Individuals who have mild anxiety disorder and severe depression are generally treated with depression-related drugs like antidepressants with sedative and other medications. Psychotherapy and ECT (electroconvulsive therapy) are standard depression treatments, which can also aid treating mixed depression anxiety disorder. Where can one find CBD oil for anxiety?

Lifestyle changes that encourages the patient to become more social and mingle with others socially; or to exercise more often, like biking, walking are parts and parcels of effective treatment plan for anxious depression treatment. Another crucial part of standard treatment for this type of disorder is the one which most psychotherapists will recommend to their patient, and that is having their family be a part of the therapy session – this is really very effective because to most patients, family involvement places a big part in their recovery.

Anxiety and depression are very serious and often deadly disorder that should not be taken lightly. People face misfortunes of one sort or another many times in their lives; if your misfortune is financial or personal don’t let it drag you into depression anxiety disorder – if things seems like it is getting out of hand where you can’t control what goes on in your life, seek help immediately.


People trying to find out ways for making themselves well while they themselves are responsible for their bad condition. They knew what is unhealthy for them or what can affect them negatively but instead of avoiding it and staying away from it they get pulled towards it. So, self-control is important.


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