Cbd Oil For Dogs: How does it work?

CBD oil has been proven to be beneficial to human health. But according to studies, this oil can also be helpful and effective for animals. Here are some of the reasons why cbd oil works for your pet.

Reduces Anxiety

One of the main benefits of CBD oil to the health of your dog is that it reduces anxiety. This is perfect if your dog suffer from noise phobias or separation anxiety. There are several studies and research suggesting that CBD oil has the ability to make both humans and animals feel relaxed. It is also effective for post traumatic stress disorders and panic disorders. So, if your dog suffers from anxiety, CBD oil can be a great treatment making your pet feel relaxed when he’s stressed or uncomfortable. 

Doesn’t Have Psychoactive Properties

Another amazing thing about CBD oil is that it doesn’t have psychoactive properties. Unlike the oil from marijuana, CBD oil that comes from hemp plant doesn’t make people high. And since studies suggest that the effects of CBD oil to human body is the same as its effect on animals, when you use CBD oil for your dog, he won’t get high with it. So if you are concerned that there could be some psychoactive effects on your dog when you use CBD oil, you don’t have to worry anymore because research and studies have already proven that this oil doesn’t make users high at all.

Relieves Pain

CBD oil is also known for its ability to relieve different kinds of body pain. Scientists are considering it as a new class of medicine for chronic pain treatment. Studies show that CBD is very effective in reducing nerve related pain, inflammation in acute pancreatitis, inflammation on oxidative stress and its impact, intestinal inflammation and other general inflammation. As such, when your dog suffers from body pain, using CBD a few drops of CBD oil can certainly relieve everything. For more information about CBD for pain, you can see it here

Manages Epilepsy and Seizures

Studies show that about 5 percent of dogs suffer from seizures. Most dogs that suffer from this condition are usually given drugs like potassium bromide and phenobarbital. Yes, these medication may help manage seizures. But the downside is that, these drugs can be totally harmful to the liver and other organs of your dog. In worse scenarios, these drugs are not effective at all and they just make the condition of your dog even more painful. This is why CBD oil seems to be a better option now. It works well in drug-resistant epilepsy. In addition, cbd oil doesn’t also give side effects to the organs of your dog so it is totally safe.

Promotes cardiovascular health

Lastly, studies also suggest that cbd oil promotes cardiovascular health as it has been linked to heart health. According to studies, cbd oil can protect blood vessels from any damage, reduce blood vessels damage, reduce blood pressure and heart rate and dilate the arteries. 


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