Diamond Painting- Easy As Pie With a Touch Of Sincerity

Today’s generation is a confused lot with little idea about what they want to do in life because of little seriousness as they are completely immersed in wiling away their time with friends and girlfriends in pubs, discos, restaurants and movie theatres.

While the job market is at its worse phase, the silver lining is that you can turn your passion into profession in today’s times in a much quicker and easier way. Now come the challenge of deciding on what to do but that is entirely up to you.

One such passion that is found in almost every youngster is a form of artistry but diamond painting is an even rarer career prospect that only a handful are into and succeed at the same time.


Diamond painting is what you can all a nice and unique blend of art and craft with both mixtures added in equal quantity without diluting the final product that requires the skills of your hands in how you want to look at things.

Keep in mind that diamond painting is first and foremost a form of painting where you need to have a creative imagination that moves at the speed of light, which is how most artists are.

It has a long history to its name where numerous artists use their innovative skills to think far and wide and use the gift of Mother Nature and her surroundings to help them out.

Diamond painting is what you call a mosaic art where the artist has to paint something on canvas or white sheet and in such a way that it should not be deciphered by the naked eye.

It goes back to ancient times and even the great Shakespeare was fond of painting which he equated to as a fine form and implied subtle hints about the technique in his various plays.

In times of yore, diamond painting was a practice that was done on velvet and the kings and queens of vassal kingdoms had extreme fondness for artistry as they would constantly lookout at the lush and green gardens that overlooked their balcony.

The king would instruct his artists to draw out the beautiful scenery of nature on the canvas and they would oblige with joy as they were hungry for praise and accolades and not for monetary benefits.

No Age Bar

People are skeptical to take up diamond painting as they are unsure what use will it bring to them. While some take it up as a profession just to earn some extra bucks, others who are passionate about the craft use it as a hobby to hone and polish their skills in painting.

It is the second lot that can be considered as artists in true sense as they are not following this art form for the sake of money but simply for the sheer joy it brings to the hearts and minds of other people.

Diamond painting is something that does not require you to attain a specific age to learn or perfect as people of all age groups can get into it if and whenever they want so no need to worry about the age factor.

Take It Up

When it comes to the question of whether it is easy or difficult, well to cut a long story short it is a bit of both as 5d diamond painting is as an art and craft.

If you are truly dedicated to this craft with your heart and soul, then it is quite easy for you to go ahead but if you do it half heartedly or just with the intention of money, then you can forget about it.


Carrie Ragsdale is a blessing, as her fellow writers say. She is a wonderful writer and her articles are something everybody loves. She mostly writes about nature and food.

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