Diet Wedding Survival: How To Stay On Your Diet At a Wedding

If you’re on a diet, wedding bells can sound more like a death toll for your weight loss program. Between the food, the cake, the alcohol, and the climate of overindulgence, weddings are a recipe for breaking the healthy habits that will take you to your weight loss goals. If you’re on a diet, wedding parties can be less than carefree. Luckily, these diet wedding tips are here to help you have a great time without feeling guilty.

Sidestep the alcohol pitfall with a two-step plan that will let you have your festive champagne without overindulging. Maintain diet accountability without drawing attention by discreetly keeping track of what you eat. Finally, take your mind off the food by hitting the dance floor, and enjoy the bonus of burning lots of calories. Put these three techniques together, and you’ve got a full diet wedding survival plan. When you know how to stay on your diet, the wedding party can mean a “fun evening” instead of a “diet disaster!”

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Sidestepping The Alcohol Pitfall

One of the reasons why, for someone on a diet, wedding receptions often spell disaster is the ready supply of alcohol. Drinking lowers inhibitions and makes it more difficult to make smart choices, which means a few glasses of champagne can be trouble for anyone trying to watch their waistline. After a couple of drinks, it suddenly won’t seem like such a bad idea to have just a few more hors d’oeuvres or another slice of cake, and before you know it you’ve stumbled far beyond the boundaries of your daily caloric allowance. If you want to stick to your diet, wedding drinks can be as much of an enemy as wedding food. However, having a glass to sip from while you make conversation with friends is a part of the wedding atmosphere. To avoid the pitfall of overindulging, and to avoid feeling awkward without a glass, try this two-step diet wedding survival tip: have two alcoholic drinks, and drink as much water as you want in between. Start the reception with a glass of champagne so that you can feel festive, but switch to sipping water for the duration of the fete. That way you’ll always have something to sip, but you’ll be sober for dinner, which means there’s no alcohol-related risk of losing control of your diet wedding survival plan. Towards the end of the party, have another glass of champagne. By that time most of the food will have been put away, so you’ll be able to relax and relish your reward for staying on your diet, wedding reception temptations be darned!

Keeping Track Discreetly

If you’re on a diet, wedding receptions are the last place that you want to end up talking or thinking about your weight loss plan. Because there are so many more important things to think about, talk about, and do, it’s easy to lose track of how much you’re allowed to eat, and how much you’ve already eaten. If you’re snacking on hors d’oeuvres, you won’t want to be calculating whether they’re part of your daily carbohydrate allowance, or telling the world that you’re watching your weight by pulling out a calorie chart! This diet wedding survival technique will help you keep track of what you’re eating discreetly. Plan how many calories you’re allowed to eat at the wedding to stay within the bounds of your diet. Now, put a penny in your left pocket for every hundred calories you’re allowed to have. When you grab a bit of something to eat at the wedding, pause for a brief second to estimate how many calories it contains, then moves the pennies that represent its “value” to your right pocket. As the night wears on, you’ll be able to tell how much you’ve had, and how much more you can have to eat without breaking your diet, just by discreetly slipping a hand into your pocket. This is a lot easier and more comfortable, than juggling a calorie chart, and it will help you stay on track. Although it’s only a rough guide and not a minutely accurate system, it is a lot better than throwing caution to the wind, and is a powerful weapon for diet wedding survival!

Hit The Dance Floor!

If you’re on a diet, wedding parties can actually be a blessing in disguise. All you need to do to make a wedding reception into a weight loss party is to get out on the dance floor. When you’re trying to stick to a diet, wedding food is such a huge temptation in part because you’re likely to find yourself standing around the buffet tables all evening, which makes it all too easy to head back for “just one more” helping. Dancing is a great way to stick to your diet, wedding buffet or not because it takes your attention off the food and onto the music. Plus, dancing at a disco-style level of exertion can burn up to six calories per minute! That makes a couple of spins around the dance floor is just as good as hitting the gym, and a lot more fun. Getting some exercise during the course of the party means that you can feel great at the end of the night knowing that even if you overindulged a little, you’ve already started to burn through those calories. Plus, logging some dance time will boost your metabolism for several hours after you shake your groove thang, which means you’ll be more energetic and lively for the whole party!


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