Four Different Dog Training Methods

With a wide variety of training courses available for your dog you are probably puzzled as to which ones will work best for your dog. I know that a lot of people like clicker training, whistle training, some like positive reinforcement, and others like teaching their dogs themselves using books or guides. I have tried several different methods while training my dogs and have found that each dog takes a different approach to training.

The first quick review is of clicker training. In clicker training you train your dog to come to the sound of a clicker. This method works decent for some of the dogs that I know of, but at the same time my dogs totally ignored the clicker. However, I have an English Mastiff and he is very stubborn that is why he flat out ignored any type of clicker.

The next method is whistle training. Whistle training is very similar to clicker training in that you are using a method to get your dog to come, but the sound is a lot louder than the clicker. Now I know that the whistle training from what I have seen does work better for most dogs. However, even though the whistle can be loud and annoying your dog can still ignore it. I know that my dog is still very stubborn and doesn’t come to the whistle either.

The third method is positive reinforcement training. Now this type of training involves anytime that your dog does something good you reward him. I know that if you reward him with treats he will expect to get treats each time, but that can lead to him being overweight. So to help combat that problem all that I do is give him great big old chest pats which make him feel proud.

The fourth method is using books to self teach your dog. I know that using books can teach you some about training your dog however they do not address all the issues you might encounter. So if you are having specific problems with your dog then you will want to see if the book covers that problem. If the book does cover how to handle that problem then you will be in good shape.

Apart from these 4 methods, you can also visit [google_bot_show][/google_bot_show]this page for additional tips and techniques on how to properly train your dog. This will help you to do the right things and avoid the and things when training your pet. 

With one of these methods or a combination of all of them you can easily train your dog. Once your dog is trained though you will still need to keep the training up so they do not forget that you’re the boss. Remember a highly trained dog is a great dog for you to have and he will be a loving and faithful companion to you.


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