Hong Kong is a City or a Country?

People have a hard time guessing if Hong Kong is a city or a country. The image that flashes before their eyes when they hear Hong Kong includes smog, overcrowded streets, skyscrapers and to some, Bruce Lee. Hong Kong falls under the label of the autonomous region. This means its neither city, nor country, neither independent nor Chinese. It’s the birthplace of a type of music called Cantopop (see Jolin Tsai), consolidated a name in the fashion industry and has a very hectic business life. The region has become famous for its street food, especially dim sum, which can become a delightful meal while wandering through the midnight markets.

While the urban centers are indeed unimaginably dense, more than 70% of the population lives in rural areas. Surprisingly, the stereotype they don’t have many places for people anymore is sadly true. Burial ceremonies are rarer and rarer since the land became incredibly expensive. Instead, people turn to incineration or even an online space for their beloved. To get a better idea, visit the now-uninhabited Kowloon Walled City. People still hold some of the Feng Shui teachings so be extra careful with presents. White flowers are for the dead; kitchen knives or garden scissors implies your wish to terminate the relationship; white or black paper for wrapping is in very poor taste; handkerchiefs, a certain type of shoes and watches or clocks bring death; 4 is bad omen, 8 is great and green hats to children are a definite no.

Some popular spots you could visit are Victoria Peak, banks and commercial centers (especially the Bank of China Tower), Disneyland, Duk Ling, Central Plaza, Tsing Ma Bridge, Tsim Sha Tsui, the Repulse Bay or the Big Buddha. Hong Kong has its own Madame Tussaud. Fishermen will love Aberdeen and will be surprised to find out some people actually live on their boats. Dunda Road in Mongkok is the perfect place for a sweet tooth. Still, in Mongkok, fashion centers where young designers and artists expose their works will give you a better taste of Hong Kong’s subculture than any other shopping malls. Hong Kong surpassed New York in terms of expensive clothing and accessories.


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