How to Find Baltimore Car Accident Attorneys

Being from Baltimore, I know how often we in this state may need car accident attorneys, whether to fight the claims of other drivers or a greedy insurance company. I haven’t been able to find a real resource to find them, so I decided to make one.

Here’s how to find Baltimore car accident attorneys.

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Use your friends to find Baltimore car accident attorneys.

Regardless of where you are, the absolute best way to find Baltimore car accident attorneys or any attorney is through a personal reference. Attorneys will treat you better if you come from a previous customer, obviously, because they are somewhat beholden, and you get an unbiased view of their service from a friend.

So the first step to finding Baltimore car accident attorneys is to ask your friends. Then ask your friends of friends. Hopefully, you won’t have to go past this step.

Business contacts are the second-best way to find Baltimore car accident attorneys.

If you don’t have friends, the next best way to find great Baltimore car accident attorneys is through business referrals.

Ask everyone. Your boss, your clients, especially anyone in the automobile industry. Stay away from your colleagues, however. There’s just something about asking people on the same level as you that never quite works out.

The Chamber of Commerce is a good resource.

If you’re friendless and unemployed, go to the Chamber of Commerce and ask around the building. Check the library and see if you can get a Baltimore car accident attorney who has authored a book on the subject. This is the last resort, but it at least will be unbiased.

Cross-reference any Internet research you do with the Chamber of Commerce and see if you can find the lawyer anywhere else.

Stay far far away from the phone book, ads, and those “we don’t get paid until you do” ads. They are misleading.

Interview all attorneys to whom you are referred.

Find 3 good referrals from steps 1-3.

You must then interview each of the attorneys. If it were me, I would want a relentless pitbull-type attorney, especially one representing me in a car accident. You must choose what kind of personality you need, however.

The best attorneys will sit you down and invest a few hours in you upfront explaining what they are going to do.

Once you find the best of the Baltimore car accident attorneys that you can, stay on them to do the job.

Once you find the best of your 3 Baltimore car accident attorneys, for lack of better terminology, stay on his or her ass.

Attorneys are people, too. If they see you losing momentum, they will pay less attention to your case. If you, however, stay vigilant, they will as well. Mentioning your referral base never hurts, but don’t overdo it. They’ve heard that line before. Good luck.


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