Is Sound Cloud better than YouTube Music? A simple analysis

Streaming apps have gained a lot of space. It is not uncommon to see someone hearing music through one of these applications—even more than they can be downloaded on the smartphone. However, the question arises which one to choose to listen to your favorite songs. So, let’s analyze what differences exist and which one to choose: YouTube music or Sound cloud. 

Sound cloud 

In Sound cloud, you will find music, also several other types of audios, such as podcasts and mixes. If you are a musician, the exciting part is that you can put your music on Sound cloud. If you want to start your career in music, the sound cloud is the perfect option. You can buy Sound cloud plays and views to kick-starting your track. It strengthens social creditability. Besides, this feature makes you go viral and helps in conversion. The best part is that there is no limit to the quantity. Again, you can follow profiles of people registered on the platform and share your playlists with friends. 

YouTube music 

YouTube music works quite like Spotify. You can use the service to browse songs and albums, save them to the library, find trending songs and explore and create playlists. YouTube will use Google Music Wizard help to recommend music based on your listening habits at the time of the day and the place where you are. The advantage of YouTube Music in this space is simply the fact that it offers officially licensed music, also covers, remixes, and recordings of shows made by users. Even memes triggered by songs can be provided. Its range of options is something that no other music streaming platform can compete against in the same way.

Sound cloud: music catalog

Sound cloud is a renowned music app, with the difference that it is entirely free for the end-user. It is the musicians and record companies who can opt for the preliminary or professional plan. Many renowned artists religiously post their creations on the platform. It is probably not difficult to find any genre of your liking in an application that allows you to follow your favorite artists closely. Sound cloud does not offer offline audio.

YouTube music catalog

YouTube continues to be one of the easiest ways to listen to music through the official profiles of the different singers, channels with compilations, and the like. Although you will need YouTube Music Premium to get the most out of it, the free version makes it difficult for you to listen to music compared to the standard Sound Cloud platform. The limitations of the accessible version of YouTube Music are somewhat more restrictive than in other applications. 

Sound Cloud or YouTube music?

Knowing a little about these two streaming platforms, we can notice some differences. If you want to listen to music and create your playlists, choose YouTube music or Spotify, mainly because it is possible to listen to music offline. However, if you are an artist and want people to know your music, besides listening to millions of tracks worldwide, join the Sound cloud, as you will be able to place your audios and share with friends.


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