One-Time Background Check Service: How Safe Are You?

Free background checks present you with necessary information about a likely employee, such as social security number, full name, address history, county criminal results, sex offender results, and global watchlist results. Before allowing any candidate into your domain one-time background check is needed for future security concerns. 

Here Are Some Steps To Follow For Free Background Check:

  1. Begin by obtaining permission

Get written consent from the potential applicant

While the data you find on the online platform is publicly available, one should always take written approval before administering a background check on an inherent employee. It will confirm that one is lawfully obedient with the EEOC; it restricts candidates from claiming that one invaded their privacy.

  1. Check social media networks:

Conduct a primary search on all fundamental social networks

A quest on social media will produce information or data that has been rigorously controlled and willingly provided by the user.

  • LinkedIn is the world’s extensively largest professional social network platform. It contains information like a person’s education, history, employment, and contact info.
  • Instagram could be a great source of collecting information photos of a person. One can utilise this search engine by typing a person’s name, and if their profile is public, one can conveniently view photos and tags related to them.
  • Facebook is another crucial social platform to gather information. One can search by email, phone number, location, person’s name only when their profile is public; if the profile is on private mode, you may not be able to access it.
  • Twitter can effectively help one determine a person’s likes, dislikes, opinions, and interests. One can search by tweet, name, or username.

Do a google hunt

Use data from the candidate’s resume to pin down the search

If one needs to find some general information about an employee, Google is the best option to commence their search. Narrow down all the results as specific data got from the resume like job title, college name, home address, or former employee.

Check Public Records-

Check national databases and state records

Social media sites and the search engine will present you with most of the report you will require. However, one probably will not obtain the necessary information about evictions or arrests. The great news is that most record of court information is public. To get this data, go to the website of your state’s official government.

If you are looking for a facile option to obtain public records, NETR online can be a good option. This site works as a portal to country record databases and the official state.

Research the candidate’s online presence

Lookup a known IP address or web domain

If the applicant has mentioned a professional website on their resume, or if you know the IP address, then you can readily find out more about them. Large domain enrollment data is available publicly and effortless to access online.

Whois Lookup website can provide an easy way to discover who owns an IP address or a domain. You can also determine if they hold any other speciality. Keep in mind that certain domain data is private.

Free Background check Adherence:

  • Before processing to conduct any background check about your candidate, you must notify them that this practice might impact their employment eligibility.
  • Make sure that the information you get is only related to the area you are expecting to fill.
  • The applicant must present written approval to your background check.
  • Added rules apply to data obtained from customer reports.

Background checks, governed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA); however, one should understand that there is an assembly of other laws that generally affect them, depending on region and state. Organisations are not needed to perform them by authority. Background checks are crucial to implementing to all employees fairly and consistently.


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