Rust – Few Basic Tips For All The Beginners

Did you just download Rust and cannot wait to get your hands on this wonderful survival game? Well, we can understand the excitement. If this is your first time playing Rust, then we have got some amazing tips for beginners. These tips will help you understand the game and get a better idea about the game play. Check them out in this list down below – 

  • First things first, you must choose a Rust server which has less players. There can be upto 100 players in a single server. If you are a beginner, then it is recommended you choose a server which have less than 50 players. This way you can learn about the different aspects of the game in a better way and understand the aims.

  • One of the most overlooked yet crucial skill to learn in the game is how to build. It is essential that you learn how to build different items and structures. You can spend sometime in the game’s sandbox and find out the many things you can build to survive in-game. You can check out YouTube tutorials and find out a variety of techniques that can help you build really well in-game.
  • Many players are always in a rush to upgrade their equipment and materials. But, you should not make this mistake. Take things slowly. Every set of weapons and other equipment have different stages of upgrades. The best way to ensure you have a strong game plan and skill is to first upgrade all the basics and then move to the advanced. Don’t skip the basic upgrades or else it will leave your foundation weak.
  • Team up with other players to learn more about the game and find out the way they are playing the game. The more you mix with other players, you are exposed to different strategies and tricks which helps you progress well. Each Rust server can hold upto 100 players and that gives you ample opportunities to make enemies and allies. As a beginner, however, you must choose a server with less than 50 players or else it becomes difficult.
  • Never overfarm in Rust. Yes. That’s a big thing you must remember. Always farm and build what you need. Nothing more and nothing less. Overfarming is one of the major reasons why most people die the server quickly. When you are constantly farming, it uses up all the important materials and tools. So, you don’t have the necessary stuff when they are actually needed. Always plan to minimize the losses and save for the most difficult scenarios.

If you are planning to buy Rust accounts, then you can head out to different online forums and check out if someone is willing to sell theirs. This can help you gain a quick advantage over others because you will have access to good weapons, upgraded equipment and others. You can also buy the game from Steam at 33% off.


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