Support Your Childs Learning With Excellent English And Maths Tuition

Seeing your child achieve in school is an amazing feeling; not only do you feel proud for them but safe in the knowledge that they are one step closer to a fruitful educational career and successful future. Helping your child to obtain this dream is easier than you could have imagined too with The Exeter Tuition Centre. They are a dedicated team of highly trained, CRB checked and friendly individuals that offer bespoke services for children 4 years onwards that aim to motivate and ease learning, no matter the subject.

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The team at this Exeter tutoring company are experienced in all subjects and have committed their time and knowledge to providing support for any child in their struggles with the educational system. This supportive, friendly and encouraging environment is key to the success of this tutoring service and it has proven to help children thrive. As a parent you only want the best for your children and understand that this type of tutoring outside of school can cost a lot. Not with The Exeter Tuition Centre as they offer great pay as you go and pay monthly schemes that make this type of support affordable and accessible to all. Not only will your child get the educational benefits but they will engage socially too as they learn with others and grow as people.

They offer a comprehensive assessment before any course is undertaken and this will be completed free. Lasting for around 45 minutes one of the trained team members will sit with your child and discuss how they enjoy school and the lessons they enjoy and the ones they find difficult. They will then ask the child to do some fun workshops to help the team understand where your child is within the educational system and create a tailored plan that will benefit your little one. They wish only the best for the children they teach and support them in a friendly manner that helps them exceed all their own expectations.


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