Training Tips to Make Your Puppy Smart

Dogs are considered to be the man’s best friend and in almost all the cases you will find that this saying is really true. People love to keep dogs in their homes. It has two benefits; first they will ensure safety of your home and second, dogs are so cute that your children will love to play with them. If you have small children in your home, then you can buy a puppy. Since, puppies are not born trained and they don’t understand human manners, so you will have to train your puppy so that it can learn how to behave in a good manner. This will make your life easier when your puppy grows up and becomes a big dog. Also, people will appreciate your puppy’s behavior which in turn will make you feel proud and happy.

Let us look at the step by step guide for puppy training.

Try to be consistent

You should try to be steady while speaking. In more simple words, you should speak same command every time you command your puppy. If you use different commands, then you are likely to confuse your puppy and this way your puppy will not be able to follow your commands. This rule follows for everyone who is near your puppy whether it is your friend, your neighbor or your children. The rules should be followed through the pets. All the essential information will be available at my site for the benefits. The telling of the friends for the purchase of the pets will be advantageous for the person. The experience of the person will be excellent with the adaptation of the puppies under the instructions and guidelines. 

Award and praise your puppy

Whenever any student is unable to learn any topic, teachers praise and rewards them by saying if you will learn then you will be rewarded. In a similar manner, you should also praise and reward your puppy for following the right command, instead of punishing him. The reward can be in the form of a small food treat, the one that your puppy likes the most. This way your puppy will learn things quickly. You can also praise your dog by offering him some toy to play with. This will also motivate him to follow your commands quickly.

Keep your training session short

If you don’t keep your training session short, then your puppy might get bored as a result of which he/she will not listen to your commands. Train your puppy slowly in a quiet place where there are no distractions that might confuse him/her in learning your command.

Keep your attitude cool

Remember, that you are training your puppy and he/she is like a new born baby. Whatever you teach him, your puppy will learn that only. So while training your puppy should keep your attitude cool all times. If you become angry then your puppy might get scared and it is possible that your puppy might run away from the training sessions.

Follow the above step by step guide to train your puppy and with few weeks you will notice that your puppy has started to learn your commands. After your puppy is fully trained you expect your puppy to behave properly everywhere he goes along with you. Also, remember that it might take months to train your puppy all the manners you want. Don’t hurry while training your puppy.


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