Ways of becoming a sustainable fashion consumer

Battling the challenge

The huge amount of wastage around has created the biggest concern of finding sustainable solutions. Even in the fashion industry, there is a heavy influx of resources (water, manpower, and raw materials) and an even higher efflux of wastage (almost covering 80 million tonnes). Therefore, it is the utmost duty of the fashion lovers to adopt more friendly solutions and look at longer alternatives, rather than single-time or temporary ones. 

There are various ways to become a sustainable fashion consumer, including buying the best options of the affordable bandage dressRead on to find more about it.

Learning the ideas

The following are some of the classy ideas that can help you in becoming a sustainable consumer and aiding towards reducing the load of a carbon footprint on the earth:

  • Live within the world of inspiration and find those influencers who promote a similar concept. For example, there would be many choices on social media about the fashion designers who prefer using the wastes to create something crafty and fashionable. Take their ideas and make something out of the old rugs.
  • Reduce the tendency of buying more clothes and using them for a lesser period. While shopping, look at the composition and choose those options that would last longer and be used for making crafty and beautiful pieces in the later points. Think of these clothes as resources of investment, rather than a single piece or throw-away.
  • Learn the art of 3R’s and implement those on your old rugs. Do not think of throwing those away, and rather make something worthy, like an affordable bandage dress. As a detox, try to avoid all of the fashion blogs and unsubscribe from such channels. It would ease the journey of getting attracted to new clothes and reduce the bucket list of frequent buying and far lesser usage. Also, it would eventually teach the value of looking at things from a different perspective. 
  • Have a look at the label carefully and understand the composition of the fabric. It would be highly preferable to go for choices made out of sustainable fabric (like organic cotton) rather than synthetic ones. It would add value to the comfort and help make the best recycling practices out of those. 
  • Have good background research on the cloth brand preferred by you. There are significant numbers of green ones, which prefer a saving environment in line with producing some of the best clothes in the market. Be very sure of investing in them and doing your job towards the earth.
  • Along with the regular clothes, learn to use eco-friendly materials (like cotton bags for laundry instead of plastic ones). It would reduce the dependency on microplastics and allow using sustainable options from the market. 

All in one, sustainability is one of the key concepts surrounding everywhere and needs to be given utmost importance in such stressful times. So be very smart and utilize your fashion sense in the right direction.


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