What to Look For in a Home Espresso Machine

Home espresso machines are more popular than ever, but it can still feel like a daunting task if you don’t know what you are looking for. Here are some of the top things to look for in purchasing a home espresso machine so that you can be happy and satisfied in your Java brew!

Looking for a home espresso machine can be quite easy, depending on what type of model you are shopping for. The bottom line is that investing in a home espresso machine is much cheaper than purchasing an espresso drink at a coffee shop every day of the week. Even though it may be an investment initially, it will definitely pay off in what you save from the overhead costs at Starbucks! If you do purchase a five dollar espresso drink five days a week for an entire year, then that will cost around $1300 per year, which is shocking! For $1300, you can buy a completely professional home espresso machine, and for half of that cost, you can still purchase a machine specialized and quality for home brewing.

This is the reason why most people want to have an espresso machine so that they can enjoy the tasty and heady flavor of a barista or Starbucks while sitting within the four walls of their home for espresso always brews the contents nicely without compromise where you can get the best ground coffee grinded into an interesting mixture of everything.

First of all, determine what type of espresso you like to drink. If you are hoping to drink a straight shot of espresso, that will be different than brewing a deluxe mocha or cappuccino. There are many choices available, and many super automatic espresso machines will also allow you to brew a cup of coffee through the machine as well so that you won’t even need a home coffee maker. You may also want to choose a machine with a bypass doser, which will allow you to bypass the automatic grinding to use a decaf or flavored coffee to your liking. The basic choices that you will be looking at are super automatic, semi-automatic, or automatic machines to meet your needs.

It is also important to determine your price range and set your budget. If you do want to spend $1300, you can purchase a wonderful super automatic home espresso machine that will last for quite a long time. Even for half of that price, you can also purchase an excellent super automatic in Gaggia or Saeco as a popular home brand.

If you are hoping to make a variety of espresso milk-based drinks, then it is important to look for a machine with dual heating elements or two boilers. If you have a dual boiler in your machine, that will produce the fastest steam flow for quick drink making. This is a feature that will separate some of the cheaper espresso machines from the more quality super automatic machines for home use.

Last of all, you may want to consider other helpful features, like being able to adjust the water volume or coffee dose with the touch of a button. This will allow you to make a weaker or stronger cup to your liking, and it will also give you more control over your brew process. This is all part of the fun of having your own professional home espresso machine!


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