5 Dance and EDM Music Artists Ruling In SoundCloud Arena

Electronic Dance Music or EDM is one of the most popular and trendy music genres of today. This can be attributed mostly to the rise of club culture where EDM is much needed to set up the vibrant ambience. Nowadays DJs do not always mix and match best EDM songs for the club and/or party. There has been a rise of several talented artists on Soundcloud who have been doing just this on the digital platform. Music Promotion Club has additionally helped these budding EDM artists on Soundcloud to find the right channel for them to promote dance music, thus helping them earn money and popularity with effective marketing strategies.

Below is a list of 5 dance and EDM music artists who are ruling in the Soundcloud arena with their talent.

  1. NOA|AON, Atlanta , USA

Pavel Stuchlik started a music movement for the masses by the name NOA|AON, meaning all or nothing. The movement was aimed at healing others through music, and Pavel has touched many lived with his unique music movement. His music is not only great fun to listen, but also works as therapies. Pavel also remixes various other genres like Trance, House, Pop and others. He is additionally a globe-trotting cyclist, as well as an entrepreuner, lifestyle studio owner and many others. NOA|AON Soundcloud has a plethora of singles, mixtapes and remixes and has millions of followers.

  1. DJ Marqesa, LA

Rebeca Stefani, also known as DJ Marqesa on Soundcloud, is well-known mostly for the eclectic workout music that she composes. Her music is eclectic and thrilling and listening to her compositions on Soundccloud is a great stress-buster. Her new track “Earth is Our Mother” is aimed at yoga workouts to refresh body and mind. Marqesa has set a new class for female DJs with her unique compositions, which are contemporary yet soothing to the ears.

  1. Jayball, California

Jason Bales is also known as Jayball on Soundcloud. He has a penchant for music-making and Soundcloud has proof of this. His music gallery on Soundcloud has some wonderful tracks which are considered perfect to bring life to a party. He also masters on the future house and reggae music. Jayball is even signed with a music label from California called Tunecore.

  1. Leron Thomas, New York

Leron Thomas or his Soundcloud alter-ego Leronthomas has a unique musical style and is known as “masterful genre-blender”. He is a celebrity jazz musician, trumpeter and vocalist along with being an EDM music composer. Leron has massive engagement on Soundcloud gala. He has also travelled the world performing in gala events held across the USA, Europe and Asia. He has even shared the stage with artists like Charles Tolliver and Christian Scott.

  1. The EdEn PrOjeCTs, United States

Asaf Eden is a techno beat-maker and is well known for creatively blending techno music with EDM elements for the perfect dance track. His popularity is a proof of his professionalism and commitment to the art form of the gala.


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