Fat Loss Tip How To Burn More Fat Throughout The Day

The purpose of a Fat Loss Tip is to give you an idea of how you can change your diet in order to burn more fat throughout the day. The tips below are for everyone whoever wanted a brief guideline for a fat loss diet.

Fat Loss Tip 1, Eat Every 2 To 3 Hours

I break down certain key points that will help you reduce your body fat more effectively. These tips can be used with your original diet as plug ins for the gaps that you might be missing already. They are not listed in any order of importance because each tip is equally valuable.

Eating small meals every 2 to 3 hours will help you increase your metabolism and bring out the best Testosterone. Your body will have a steady supply of food and keep burning more fat as fuel all day long. These foods should consist of mostly protein and vegetables.

Complex carbohydrates like oatmeal, rice, and potatoes should be eaten in the morning and in small amounts combined with your protein and vegetables. Be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day to keep hydrated and help aid in keeping your stomach feeling full.

Fat Loss Tip 2, Don’t Eat 3 To 4 Hours Before You Sleep

Give your stomach time to digest the food. Going to sleep with your blood sugar raised will only aid in fat storage. Foods like pasta, pizza, or any carbohydrate loaded food will have a large amount of sugar that will cut off your fat burning ability.

If you are hungry and you need a snack before you sleep, eat lean protein or vegetables so that your sugar levels don’t increase. This will also help you burn more fat while you sleep.

Fat Loss Tip 3, Cut Out Sugar

Sugar raises insulin which will stop your body from burning fat. It will be hard to cut out all sugar from your diet since it is everywhere and the temptation is vast. But, once you conquer your sweet tooth and replace your sugar with healthier options, you will see a huge difference in the shape of your body.

Of course, sugar is found in fruits. However, the sugar in fruits don’t spike your insulin levels as much as they do in other foods such as cookies and cakes.

When consuming fruits, consume them in the morning or right after a workout when the muscle will absorb the carbohydrates instead of being stored as fat.

Once you eliminate most of the sugars from your diet, you will notice how much your metabolism will raise and how fast the fat will start to melt off your body.

Fat Loss Tip 4, Eat The Healthy Fats

The healthy fats will help you burn fat. Yes, I know its hard to believe, but certain types of fats and in the proper moderation will help burn your stored fat.

These fats are monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats found in…

  • olive oil
  • nuts
  • seeds and
  • some fish.

When you consume most of your fats from these sources and eliminate saturated and trans fat from your diet, you will see an increase in your fat loss. Make sure you eat these unsaturated fats in small moderation because an excess of healthy fats will still be stored as fat within the body.

Fat Loss Tip 5, Eat More Protein Then Carbohydrates In Every Serving

Having a higher protein to carbohydrate ratio will stimulate a fat burning hormonal response within the body. When eating protein, glucagen is released. Glucagen is a fat burning hormone and lowers the insulin levels within the body.

Also, some of the calories that are consumed with proteins are burned off as heat. Proteins take a longer time to digest than the other two macronutrients (carbohydrate and fat) therefore, it will keep you fuller longer and help with your hunger cravings.

When your carbohydrate intake is greater then your protein intake, it causes a hormonal response to react within the body to go into a fat storage mode. The best bet is to have your carbohydrates come from vegetables instead of starches.

Of course the best fat loss tip I can give you is to combine weight training and cardiovascular exercise with the above tips. This will speed of the fat loss process and give you the body you want much faster.

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