Getting Step Step Training Need Success – Check The Steps

To me, one of my biggest pet peeves are the lies that are sold the average person to get them to join an opportunity, the first being that they will get the step by step training that they need to succeed online or offline. While I understand that the “sponsor” that is working to recruit the individual may believe that their “marketing package” is training, the truth is that real training consists of more than just a few pamphlets and a numbered page to put names of your “warm” market.

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I remember my first network marketing opportunity and a list that was designed to help me remember all of the folks that I had EVER encountered throughout my life. It sort of made me chuckle when I saw memory joggers such as “your second grade classmates.” Are you freakin’ serious?

Thank God for the Internet and thank God for the fact that people have come around to realizing that shoving your latest business opportunity down the throats of former elementary friends might not be the best foundation for a successful marketing campaign.

Paying for Training

What is tragic – OK maybe not “tragic” – is that folks are STILL looking for a system that actually teaches them, step-by-step, how to effectively promote and market their programs. What might even be a little more disturbing is that there are so many “gurus” out there that sell the idea that they are going to provide the best training around for the low fee of $19.95 and folks are still left in the dark, still looking for that training that they have now paid for.

Of course the more successful jack wagons offer a one time, limited opportunity training package for the low, low price of ten thousand dollars per person, but your room is included in this training – OH, PERK!

New Concept: Help People for Free!

I’ve read the Zig Ziglar quote. It goes like this, “You can have everything you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.” I don’t see anything in there about how much you should charge.

And then, of course, nothing is more insulting than hearing some self-proclaimed expert tell us that if we REALLY want that success, we’ll find a way to raise the 10K. What a jerk! Training, that should be free by the way, training that was promised to most entering the industry, training that should help you grow you organization, shouldn’t be used as a commodity or as a yard stick to measure the “commitment” level of your team. Commitment is a two-way street and you should be providing a commitment back to the team you are building.

How is anyone expected to succeed without getting the information they need and the methods and techniques by which they can implement that information effectively and efficiently to promote their business? Here’s the secret folks, your upline – probably not your immediate upline – either doesn’t have a clue about how to really train or market OR, and this is much worse, they are simply harvesting you for the list of contacts you have.

How Hard Does It Have to Be?

Marketing online isn’t that hard. Remember, if we are promoting a network marketing company, it’s not like we have to sell a thousand folks into our business opportunity, twenty will work and thirty will make you a multimillionaire.

Training With a Different Perspective

With that in mind, we’ve decided to do something a little different. We’ve decided to take an Internet marketing approach to network marketing. Hmm, why would we do that? Because if people can learn how to market, how to generate leads, how to convert leads into customers or team members, then we can apply a network marketing business model and build huge organizations. Oh, and by the way, this means a lot of money is involved too.

People don’t need gimmicks, they need a plan. If men and women have a step by step program that will allow them to acquire and develop the skills of a seasoned Internet marketer and they can generate ten to twenty targeted leads or more per day then don’t you think finding that magic thirty will be a breeze?


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