How To Treat Constipation In Kids

Constipation can affect people of all age groups including the young, elderly, and kids. Usually, kids would be less likely to suffer from constipation since they are more active and have healthier bowel movements.

Kids are usually much more physically active as compared to adults due to which they have better digestive movements. Still, it is quite common to come across cases of kids suffering from constipation. Let us see what are the possible reasons for constipation in children and what are the ways to treat constipation in kids.

Constipation in kids is usually seen with hard and difficult to pass stool. It is good to be aware of the reason behind constipation in your kids so that you can take care properly and this is where peak bioboost review can help you.

Reasons for Constipation in Kids

1. Laziness of Mothers

Many mothers want to finish feeding the meals to the kids as soon as possible. For this reason, they feed the kids with a ready made formula which is smooth and easy to feed, but more difficult for the intestines to process and expel.

2. Lack of Teeth

Younger kids may not have the teeth to chew the food properly. Unless a food is chewed properly it becomes more difficult to digest since many digestive enzymes are passed through saliva when food is chewed.

3. Illness

Due to illness kids may develop fever or other complications that cause constipation. Sometimes medication that is taken for illness also causes constipation.

4. More Sweet in Food

Kids are more fond of sweets and chocolates. Too much sweet is also known to cause the digestive organs to become more lethargic.

How to Treat Constipation in Kids

Here are some simple steps you can take to treat constipation in young children.

1. More Home Cooked Food

Give more home-cooked food to your kid. Add different types of vegetables to the food and if needed boil them together. This will provide more natural fibers which help in getting rid of water.

2. Avoid Banana

Banana is an excellent source of energy and other nutrients but if the kid is prone to constipation or suffering from constipation then you should avoid feeding bananas as it will increase the problem.

3. Give sufficient fluid

Provide more water and juice, especially prune and orange juices as these will ease constipation. Many times we forget to give enough water and sometimes forget it because children may not be asking for water often. Making the kid drink more water can solve many other problems also like urine infection relief.

4. Use Suppositories

Suppositories can be used if the constipation is too severe and cannot be brought under control with diet alone. This will trigger the passing of stool and kids will get relief.

5. Engage the Kid in more Activity

Although kids are more active compared to adults, sometimes kids develop the habit of just watching TV and become less active. Encourage the kid for more outdoor activities so that they would remain healthy.

6. Avoid Food Allergy

Many kids may be allergic to dairy or other food and you should try to avoid them.

The above tips are quite effective for most kids but if your kid is still not getting relief after trying these you should consult your doctor for other available remedies.


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