Instagram Advertising Tips for Non-profit Organization

Even if you are a non-profit organization, using Instagram can still be very helpful. Why? Simply because Instagram is composed of millions of people across the globe coming from different walks of life, culture and beliefs. Hence, it is a great platform to promote your brand regardless of whether you want to earn profit or not. With this social channel, you are able to engage wider audiences and establish a community for the advocacies or causes that your organization supports. To help you out, here are some tips that you can consider when using Instagram for your non-profit organization.

One of the things that you need to consider first is to sign up for Instagram business tools. This is the best feature of Instagram that perfectly meets your needs. Since you are not using IG for your personal use, you need to sign up for an IG business account. One of the best things about this concept is that it is totally free and it provides you wide variety of tools that you do not get when you use a personal account/ This includes contact button and analytics.

After signing up for a business account, the next thing that you need to do is to make your profile complete and accurate. Of course, the main goal why you are using Instagram is to engage wider audiences. For you to do so, you need to get the trust of the audiences. You need to appear credible and genuine. Hence, make sure to input all the necessary details about your business. You need to pull your contact information so your audience can easily recognize your brand or organization. Keep in mind that on Instagram, credibility and Genuity are very crucial.

Now that you are all set up, the next thing you have to pay attention to is your content. IG revolves around photos, videos and content. For you to engage wider audiences, you need to create your content strategically. When we say strategically, it is not just about having high quality content. It’s about telling your stories and being genuine. You need to showcase the causes of your brand or organization. You have to strike the audience to their most vulnerable part. You need to make them feel that your business is unique and different from other brands.

Last but not the least, you should increase your following so you can create and establish a community on the social channel. There are different tools and methods that you can use to increase your following. You can buy Instagram followers, you can make your page interactive, you can use different tools such as IG stories and others. But most importantly, you need to start a conversation. You need to listen to your followers. As much as possible, always respond to all their comments, feedback, reaction or queries. With this, you can engage them and make them stay as your followers and in the future, you can increase your following.


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