Lose Weight Fast with Proper Portions

We have all heard the phrase, “All things in moderation.” Many of us use it as an excuse to eat the things we want, not to limit our appetites and cravings. The simple truth is that size matters. Perhaps the easiest way to lose weight is by learning what portion sizes are right for you instead of letting restaurants and other sources dictate that for you. There is no dieting and you can still eat without cutting out any of the key food groups.

America seems to have been grossly super-sized over the past couple of decades. We have taken up busy, fast-food focused lives in place of proper weight management and calorie control. Obesity is on the verge of pandemic because of our careless ways and it is said that this new generation of children will be the first ones to live shorter lives than their parents.

For example, did you know that the average restaurant meal is enough to properly feed a family of three? When do we stop inhaling the food from our plates and start listening to our bodies? How is anyone supposed to lose weight when they are eating enough food for someone three times their size? Instead of eating all that food, box up half of it before ever digging in. This will not only save calories, but you won’t have to buy lunch tomorrow either. The weight loss proportion will be high when there will be consuming of the [google_bot_show][/google_bot_show]lepto connect supplements. There should be proper listening of the body parts of the person. The food should be healthy and energetic for the person. The buying should be done as per the requirements and budget. 

Many of us are guilty eaters. Guilty eaters eat when they are bored or just out of habit, and then feel bad about it afterward. The plain truth is that if the food is in the kitchen, you will eat it. So naturally, try to control the tempting foods sitting in the pantry. How? Well, obviously it isn’t very wise to go grocery shopping on an empty stomach while you have a craving for Ore-o’s. This is asking for disaster and I guarantee you will walk out of the grocery store with twice as much stuff as you needed, most of it purchased on impulse. Make a list for the store, and go shopping right after eating a filling meal.

Also, try to plan your meals for the entire week before you make them. Assign each meal a day of the week instead of picking what sounds good when dinner rolls around. This is a truly natural way to curb your cravings and lose weight. The reason it works is because knowing what your meal is ahead of time helps your mind and tastes to prepare for that particular dish. Telling yourself over and over that you are having grilled chicken and steamed squash makes it easier to follow through instead of going out for tacos and refried beans. When you make the food, only make enough for yourself and those who are eating dinner with you. There is no need to come back for seconds. You are in essence, setting yourself up for success. Most people will eat much more than a proper portion if they are acting upon a craving.

So maybe you are trying to lose weight by watching your portions. At home everything is fine. But a few times a week, maybe you like to dine out with friends. It is a fact that we eat more when in the company of friends and good conversation. Eating makes us feel good. Even if you do the proper portioning before your meal, and are not clearing you plate, you still may not be seeing any results. Why? Look to the fifteen minutes before your meal arrives. Chances are, the restaurant you go to has some sort of complimentary appetizer that is standard for all tables. Some serve dinner rolls, biscuits, chips and salsa, and more. It is so easy to indulge in this while in good conversation. Everyone just kind of pulls from the same dish instead of portioning out a few chips or one roll onto a plate. There is no way to see how much has already been eaten unless you see the whole before it is eaten. Simply abstaining from this “pre-meal-meal-in-itself” can save you 500 calories or more. If you did this three times a week, it quickly adds up to twenty-two pounds per year! Have patience before the main dish gets to the table. Remember, it is more than enough by itself.

Even if you only take one thing from this article, remember this: Your body will tell you when it’s full. Listen to it. Give it time to tell you. Eat slowly. The opportunity to extend your life, lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle awaits. It takes a conscious, daily effort to overcome poor habits and naughty appetites. But do it on a consistent basis, and you will lose weight and still eat what you want.


Carrie Ragsdale is a blessing, as her fellow writers say. She is a wonderful writer and her articles are something everybody loves. She mostly writes about nature and food.

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