Where to Find Coffee Products for Free

Do you love fresh brewed coffee but your coffee pot has gone on the fritz and you don’t have the cash on hand to buy a new one? Why not try searching online and getting one for free? Sounds good, huh? It can be if you find the right competitions. Some will require that you buy other products to go with your “free” coffee maker. Things like coffee mugs or gift packs. Avoid those and keep searching. It might take a while to find exactly what you need. Trying to find the competitions whose winning prize is specifically what you need may be very hard, but it’s not impossible.

It’s very easy to begin the search. Simply start your search in a specific area such as coffee contests and work your way from there. Be sure to put your search in between quotation marks so that you will get exact answers to your search instead of a lot of general answers that you don’t want to have to wade through. If your search locates one or more contests, enter as many as possible. It never hurts to try and you may actually win something for nothing. I know you’re pessimistic but you never know until you try.

You see, what a lot of people don’t seem to realize is that a lot of big companies who deal in coffee products will start their own contests, offering their products as prizes so that they can make consumers aware of their products and get them hooked on their items. What better way of advertising and drawing people to your website than offering a coffee maker as a prize? To find these competitions, check out all the coffee manufacturers sites and see if they are running any contests. While they may not be offering exactly what you want, you might be able to win a coffee pot, coffee beans or mugs. What good would that do, you ask? You might be able to make a deal with the company. They might take the prize you have won and put the value of it towards the cost of something that you really wanted. Not only do they make you happy, they make a bit of money and potentially gain a happy customer who will give them repeat business or recommend their company to a friend. There are very few companies that will turn down word of mouth advertising – after all, it’s free! With the coffee powder subscription, the finding of the store will be excellent with the person. The store will offer the best quality powder to the person. The advertising of the store should be excellent so that the drinkers will get the best flavor for the coffee with limited charges.

There are also a lot of regular people like you or me who actually give things like coffee makers away for free or very little cost. You can try a search for free coffee items first, staring with something like “free coffee maker” or “unwanted coffee maker”. If you don’t find anything there, you might try a site like eBay and search for what you are looking for using the same method. You might be able to bid and get a very cheap item. Just make sure to check out the seller’s star rating and read any comments from others who have dealt with them. Check out how fast they deliver after payment, whether they tell the truth about their items and things like that before bidding.

Why would someone put a coffee product online for free or very little money you ask? There are lots of people getting married everyday in this country. Some of the most popular items a newly married couple will receive is coffee products. Sometimes they end up with more than one. Instead of hurting anyone’s feelings, they keep the item. Later on, they decide to take it back to the store but they don’t know where it was bought, so they end up giving it away or putting it up for sale on eBay. Or maybe someone has upgraded to a much nicer coffee maker and wants to get rid of the old one but doesn’t know anyone who wants it. There are many different reasons why people will sell their used items. You just have to be careful when choosing who to deal with and who not to.

One last helpful hint. Speaking of eBay, if you do happen to win a prize in one of the contests, something that you don’t really want, sell the item there yourself. Take the money and invest it in exactly what you do want or need.

Happy hunting and good luck!


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