3 Useful Things You Can Gain From Watching Tv Series

A lot of people are saying that too much time watching TV is making people dumb. Although that may be true for some TV series, it is highly unlikely that you can go and watch an entire TV series without learning something new or picking up great lessons that can be applied to life. Forget the notion that your parents told you that watching too much television will make you dumb.

We beg to differ, and here are 3 lessons that you will learn from watching tv shows:

History facts and trivias

Some TV series have a reputation for being inaccurate when it comes to historical presentation. However, there are some series that you can learn history from reliably with minimal error. However, don’t just believe any information that is delivered to you by TV shows. For all we know, it can be heavily altered to fit the vision of the directors and writers, or it may have been entirely made up by imaginative writers. Always take information from television with a grain of salt.

Learn the importance of relationships

Some TV series emphasizes relationships and their importance to the life of a person. Things, like being loyal to a person, standing up for friends, and not betraying people on your side, are frequently a life lesson gained from TV shows. Shows like F.R.I.E.N.D.S. teaches us how having friends means a lot in our lives. Another TV series, How I Met Your Mother teaches us never to give up on our special someone even if all the odds are stacked up against the two of you.

Learn unethical life tips

TV series like Prison Break teaches us a lot of technical ways to escape prison. Although that may seem like to be a little bit on the dark side, it is still a good skill and ability to learn, or at least have a basic understanding. What if some unfortunate chain of events led to you being trapped in a burning house, with a locked door being the only way out? Good thing you watched and have an idea picking up locks on some TV show.

Your life can go on without ever needing knowledge of such things, but if one particular event faces you with one, it is best for you to be ready. Watching TV is not as bad as people makes it seems to be.

Project TV: A free way to watch movies and TV shows

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