A Helpful Guide On Causes Of Sleep Paralysis

There is nothing wrong to say that sleeping time is the best time in a 24 hours circle. For almost everyone it is the time to relax and forget anything that happened or will happening soon in the life. However not everyone is lucky and this is mainly because disorders such as sleep paralysis wouldn’t let them sleep properly and stay relax. It is basically a disorder in which a person experiences different things and often lost consciousness temporarily just after or before the sleep. It is very necessary to avoid this problem but for that you need to understand what causes sleep paralysis. This article spotlights a helpful guide on causes of sleep paralysis to assist you stay safe from it. Some of the top causes are listed below.

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Sleeping in a supine position

Sleeping in a supine position must also be avoided because in many cases it can be a reason of sleep paralysis. This is mainly because when you sleep in such a position, there are few muscles that get pressurized. In short they don’t benefit from your sleep and often send different messages to the brain. Brain respond to some of the messages while avoid some of them and this is the reason that a person feels something unique and fails to keep its body part functional. Actually when a person wakes up, it’s brain that still remains bust in receiving messages from the muscles and thus a person don’t make use of its body properly for few moments.


Stress on the brain often becomes the reason of this disorder. Many people who look here and there to know what causes sleep paralysis have no idea that stress beyond a limit can skyrocket the chances of this disorders even in case of a very healthy person. Thus you should learn to control your stress at any cost.

Overuse of stimulants

It is another major cause of sleep paralysis in case of many people. A huge community of people across the globe often overuses stimulants and this makes their body not to relax even when they are sitting free or doing nothing. This can cause sleep disorders very simply and thus you should be careful about this.

Genetic component

Many experts’ believes that there is a genetic component that often transfers this disorder in further generations. Although it is not always possible but there are proof that it happens in few cases. So if you have sleep disorders, there are chances that your next generation can suffer from it.

Shifting sleeping schedule continuously

Changing your sleeping schedule after a short period of time is the most common cause of this disorder. If you are looking for a perfect answer to the question that what causes sleep paralysis, this is the thing that you should keep in your mind all the time. Basically when you change your sleeping schedule, body needs sometime to adopt the changes and another change in same when body and brain has still not accepted the previous change can create troubles for you.


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