Best Moisturiser For Men

Most men work hard to keep one secret as covert as possible: they are just as interested in beauty products and they look for the best retinol face cream as they get all the things their skin need in a singe product. In fact, a lot of men are more vain and self-conscious than women. The market of cosmetics for men well substantiates this claim. Let’s have a look some of the best moisturiser for men.

Males who want to boost their confidence cannot live by soap alone. This is why manufacturers of vanity products introduced skin care, hair care, and other general grooming products for men. Cosmetics, after all, is not limited to lipsticks, powder and eyeliners, though there are no stopping men from using makeup.

Note that cosmetics for men are specially formulated because men’s skin is thicker than women’s by 20%. Men also have larger pores, which are bullet, train magnets of grime and dirt. Thus, they need stronger cleaners and moisturizers to maintain a healthy glow.

General grooming product intended for this niche is, therefore, tailored to suit the testosterone and pH level of men.

On the same vein, there are also cosmetics for men that they can use to brighten up their face and refine their features. Makeup for men is all about achieving the groomed look. Face powders that effectively absorb facial oil and exude, a matte finish glow are highly recommended.

Along with the whisk of facial powder, men may also use tiny amounts of lip balm and bronzer to mimic a groomed shaved look. The trick is to make the appeal as natural-looking as possible.

But men shying away from these products are bound to make mistakes in using the grooming and make-up products. Here, some basic steps and tips to get started for best moisturiser for men:

  1. Use a facial wash and exfoliant to ensure that the face is clean before make-up can be applied. Wet the face with warm water and apply the products on the skin in a circular motion. This is a way to remove dead skin cells and remove pore-blocking dirt. Avoid using exfoliants immediately after shaving as this may lead to redness and irritation of the skin.
  2. Don’t skip the moisturizer. Moisturizing can bring back the skin’s natural oils that may have been stripped off. Apply the cream with upward strokes.
  3. Use a damp cosmetic pad to apply toner. This would close the pores that were opened by the exfoliant.

After making sure that the face is thoroughly cleaned, men can use make-up to cover their blemishes:

  1. Start with the application of concealer. Mix the cream, or powder with a fine brush. Place small “dots” of concealer on different areas of the face and blend the product using a cosmetic pad or brush. Work in a circular motion beginning with the center of the blemish going towards the edge. It is not advisable to place concealer on an open or wounded skin.
  2. Apply matting powder. Doing so is especially beneficial to men with a pale complexion. Place a small amount of powder at the edge of the brush and dust lightly on the T-zone: the forehead and nose bridge. Work towards the upper cheekbones to make them more define. Applying a tinted moisturizer would have the same effect.
  3. Finish with a lip balm and a bit of cheek tint.


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