Check Out The Introduction Of a Living Legend – Tej Kohli!

In the present age and day, finding a person who works for the welfare of others is just next to impossible, because in the world of cutthroat competition, everybody thinks about themselves. Nobody wants that the other person can get ahead of them. But there is a person in real who is working for the betterment of humans from the past several years, and that person is known as Philanthropist Tej Kohli. He is a living legend who was born in india, and now he is billionaire of London. This man has done various beneficial jobs for the humans.

In short, the world is blessed to have this man. Apart from that, the Tej kohli also runs a foundation, which is serving the individuals under a policy of non profit organization. You can get an idea from the above mentioned statement, that this person is so good for others. Along with that, you will amazed to know that, the main aim of this person is that he wants to eliminate the corneal blindness from this world, and he estimates that by 2035, this disease will get eliminate completely.

And he is working on his mission, so that he can reach his desire of eliminating the corneal blindness. This is all about Tej kohli, and in the upcoming paragraphs, you will get to know about the non profit foundation of Tej kohli in details.

Check the main objectives of his non profit foundation:-

First of all, there are many non profit organizations available currently, but some of them are only showing that they are non profit, but deep inside they are working to have a tremendous profit. But if we talk about the foundation of Tej kohli, then we can easily say that, this foundation is all about for the betterment of the individuals. Now, have a look at the main objectives of the non profit foundation of Tej kohli.

  • There is no need to depend on the expensive treatment

As it is mentioned above, that this foundation works for the welfare of individuals, that is why the main objective of this foundation is that you do not need to rely on the expensive treatment, because when it comes to the eye diseases, then there are plenty of services available for you in the market.

But, those services consists a bunch of risk, and along with that those are the expensive services. So, that is why, it has been said that there is no need of rely on the expensive treatment, when there is no guarantee of the utmost solution of your obstacle.

  • How to combine science and technology?

As it is mentioned above that the treatments of eye diseases are so expensive, and along with that it does not have any guarantee, that is why the Tej kohli have come up with a new idea, in which he wants to make a treatment for the individuals by combining that science and technology together.

If he gets succeeded in this work, then it is sure, that he will come up with a breathtaking invention, which will surely eliminate the corneal blindness from this world.


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