Complete Guide On The Harry Potter And Gadget Used In It

Harry potter is a series that has a world that is full of magic. It consists of both the powerful wands of wizards and witches. Almost all the person involved in the harry potter are engaged in one or the other magic forms. There are various wands that are included in the series of harry potter, out of which you have to make the selection of the best one.

The question that arises in the mind of people when we talk about harry potter is, what is your wand quiz? The answer to this question is straightforward. These are the quiz that will help you in the selection of the wad that will be most appropriate for you. Make sure that you select the wand after the proper consideration as some of the wands are such that they do not accept the owner until and unless they are justified that the owner is as per their wish.

Harry Potter is a series with a variety of characters that brought a new wave of imagination to the entire world. After watching the harry potter series, a unique thinking ability is developed among the children that increase their power to respond to a particular situation. Every single person, no matter to what caste or religion they belong to they are doing the magic. But this doesn’t mean that the person who knows the magic is free to do it in any part of the world.

There are certain limitations on the person who is doing the magic. There are many laws that the wizards and the witches have to follow one of the primary law includes that they have to hide it from the normal world that they are having some magical powers.

You can get the complete detail after knowing what is your wand quiz. There are many different magical instruments that every person on the earth desires to have. They teach the power of invisibility, the power of flying and many such kinds of abilities to help the child in the long run. Now we will discuss the various types of wands that are available in the world of harry potter:

Elder wand

This is a type of wand that is made up of elder wood and thestral tail hairs. The wood that is used in making this type of wand is difficult to find. This is a type of want that select its owner on its own. In case if it is able to find a suitable owner, then nobody will be able to complete it. There is no doubt in the fact that some of the times; this wand can even be unstable and unable to work correctly. This is a wand that belongs to Dumbledore in the series. And if you know what is your wand quiz ten, in that case, you have to follow the path of Dumbledore.

Horned serpent horn and redwood wand

The wands with horned serpent horn core are relatively harder to find because these wands are immensely powerful. They are quite vulnerable, and when any kind of danger is being noticed in that case, it releases a tone in order to inform the ower.

These are some of the different types of wands that are used in the harry potter series. Now we will discuss some of the magical pieces of equipment that are used in harry potter. The knowledge of which you will get after knowing what is your wand quiz?

  • Fake galleons

This is an instrument that is used as a communication link between the members of the Dumbledore army. This is an instrument that creates a fake enchanted that is used for communication.

  • Howler

This is a kind of secret letter that is a sign of extreme anger. This is used when a message I to be sent to the general public. When it is opened, then there comes out the voice of the ender, and the receivers have to listen to it. Then after conveying the message, it gets destroyed.

  • Sorting hat

This is a magical hat used in Hogwarts, which can read the minds and with the help of which the determination of the house of each of the student who is entering the university is done. This makes the decision as per the child’s ability as to which of the four houses will be best suitable for him.

Sum up

These are some of the different things that are used in the harry potter; other than the things, there are some unique mirrors and other things that are used. You have to be careful at the time of making the selection. Just make sure that you do the selection after considering the proper factors and after attempting the quiz.


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