Eureka 4700D LightSpeed

Inexpensive and lightweight, yet durably manufactured, the Eureka 4700D LightSpeed provides superb value in a full sized upright style vacuum cleaner. Easy to maneuver and push, this cheerful yellow colored unit offers micro filtration and powerful suction. The filter mechanism can effectively eliminate pet dander, pollen and dust mites, making the air in the home cleaner, which is a benefit to all homeowners. Similar to other bagless vacuum cleaners, this model also eliminates the hassle and expense of bags which must be disposed of and purchased on a regular basis. As an alternative to this cumbersome task, the LightSpeed uses a dirt cup that is both easily emptied and easily accessible.

In addition, the cup is transparent so that one can observe when it is reaching capacity. However, the filter should to be cleaned on a regular basis, especially in homes where dogs or cats live. This is a common part of the maintenance of all bagless vacuum cleaners. The Eureka LightSpeed features just one filter that must be cleaned and this process is very easy, which considerably simplifies its care and maintenance.

Staying true to its versatile and simple design, the LightSpeed features the perfect number of on board tools. There is a dusting brush for blinds and upholstery, a crevice tool for baseboards and corners, and an extension wand with an extra long attachment for an extended cleaning reach. All such attachments adhere to a large-diameter, integrated hose manufactured to be clog resistant as well as help maintain the balance of the unit when pulled. A grip toward the top of the base helps one to use the vacuum effectively for cleaning upholstery or stairs. This handle can also be lowered to a near flat position so that the vacuum can be utilized to clean under low furniture. Additional features include a bright light and an automatically adjusted height. The height options range from linoleum to deep pile. The Eureka 4700D LightSpeed is only 14 pounds, making it easy for anyone to manage, and it comes with a 1 year limited warranty.

Now this is a good enough reason to purchase it in a jiffy and more so because The Eureka Lightspeed is a brand that most people are willing to give anything to have it in their house because aside from being agile and swift, it is available at an affordable price that by the way is saying something considering it is wireless in mechanism, which you can learn more about at

– Crevice tool for corners and baseboards, dusting brush for upholstery and blinds, and extra-long, nested extension wand for added reach.


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