Great Tips For Effective Cardio – Learn about the tips 

I’m astounded by the way so many expert pros want you to go do cardio first thing after getting out of the bed to exercise before you eat. This seems brutal and mean to me: why do they want you to suffer so much? The psudo-science of early A.M. cardio is overrated and doesn’t seem to have any demonstrable value. The reality is that an intense fitness regimen is going to help you whenever you exercise.

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You’re plain nuts for going out to work with your traditional cardio, not to mention that it’s nuts to do it while you’re hungry. Do you think athletic participants do it this way? I really don’t think so, because they know this is crazy.

Actually, you won’t find any of the professionals wasting their time doing cardio routines anyway. That should tell you something.

Football players eat breakfast and then go out to practice.

How is it possible to go out to do some intense physical work when you’ve not had anything to eat for twelve hours? Your body needs fuel to power it into a successful workout.

I don’t think you have to stop working out first thing in the morning if that really means something to you.

Just make sure you get your lifestyle in line with your workout plan and make sure you are working out in a comfortable manner. There is a need to make your fitness program have a natural flow that goes nicely along with what you want to do.

If you don’t want to eat anything in the morning before you exercise, go for it, I’m not going to tell you to stop.

The same thing goes for when you exercise: if you like it in the morning, that’s great, but you can do it whenever it fits your life best.

You should definitely junk your cardio routine and begin working out with intervals: that’s the most important decision you have to make.


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