Growth & Importance of Animation Industry – Why Do Businesses Need Animation?

The animation industry has grown at a very rapid pace all around this world. Some of the countries like France, Japan, Korea, USA, Germany, etc., are leading in this industry. The animation industry had a total value of $264 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow beyond the $350 billion mark by the end of 2021. The industry has seen an average CAGR of 2-3%. The industry is growing consistently with time & the demand for it has increased dramatically.

So, let’s see here in this blog why animation is so important these days and why businesses are trying to use animated elements in 2021.

Why Animation Is So Much In Demand?

Animation is so much in demand in today’s time because of the rise of internet penetration and as people started to get more access to better platforms to utilize the facilities. People love watching videos on different online sites and platforms which has helped animation to get more popularity. The growth of animation is directly linked to the use of the internet and as businesses are trying to become digital.

Increase in the demand for digital marketing has also helped the animation industry to reach new heights in the world. Brands use animated videos in their marketing campaigns to bring in more creativity and out-of-the-box content for the people. Also, the rapid development in the field of VFX and gaming has helped animation to grow exponentially in the last few years.

Why Do Businesses Need Animation?

Videos are a great way to increase your brand’s engagement online and generate more leads. Whether you choose live videos or ones that are animated, videos are a crucial part of 92% marketers who are working in the industry. Here are some reasons why we believe that businesses require animation in 2021.

  • Creative content 

the use of animation is a creative way in which you can promote your brand easily. Businesses need to have a memorable impact on the consumer’s mind and only then can they expect a growth in revenue. When customers have a clear idea about the kind of products you are offering to them, they can trust you more. The more creative your content is, higher the chances are for the people keeping it in mind for a longer period of time.

  • Easier to explain

when you take the help of animated videos, it helps you to explain anything with ease. If you are dealing with a complex idea for the business, then you can surely use an animated video to simplify it. The use of 2D images cannot always help the people to understand the content. But, an animated video is a brilliant way to convey all the ideas and messages.

  • Boost conversion rates

when a person sees a video on a website, they are more likely to watch it. That means they are going to spend more time on the website. This helps to reduce the bouncing rate by significant margins. Also, you should know that at least 64% of all people who watch the entire video will take a favorable action. This way you can easily boost your rates of conversion and increase your revenue.


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