Help Your New Cat Be Friendly with Your Other Pets

Bringing a new cat into your home can be a problem if you have other pets. They need to learn to be friendly toward each other since they’ll probably be living together for a long time. Cats are territorial animals so introductions should always be slow to help prevent aggressive or fearful behavior. Also, some cats will get along better with your other pets depending on their personality.

Cats and dogs are very sensitive to smells. Smells are one of the ways they collect information about things. Try to get your new cat used to the scent of other pets before you attempt an introduction. One way to do this is by switching their blankets and beds so they can smell the scent of the other animal before they actually face them. There will be less risk of physical confrontation once they become accustomed to smelling the scents of other animals. A new cat needs to feel comfortable when put in different surroundings. You can put your cat in a room or area where they are away from your other pets. Try to keep your new cat isolated for approximately one to three weeks. This will give him plenty of time to get used to new scents. Sniffing each other under the door can also help pets to get used to each other. Make sure you keep food, water and the litter box in the room. The room should also have a window where your cat can sit and look outside.

This will help him to [google_bot_show][/google_bot_show]find more info about what the outside world looks like and might even get to see his own counterparts sitting outside the window ledge which can uplift his mood for the better.

Some cats are extremely fearful because they were never exposed to humans or other animals when they were a small kitten. They may also have been traumatized or abused in some way. An extremely fearful cat shouldn’t be introduced to other pets until they bond with you. This will help reassure them when introductions are finally made. One way to help them bond with you is feeding them only at the same time everyday. Your cat may form an association between you and food. Try to act calm around your new cat then they will feel calm. They can tell if you’re feeling nervous.

The first physical introduction can be made through a screen door or gate. Doorstops that prop open the door can let the animals look at each other. When you officially introduce your new cat, you can help them be more relaxed by making sure they have an escape route. If a cat can’t escape when he thinks he needs protection, he may become aggressive because he is scared. You might want to introduce a new cat to other cats first. Watch for signs of stress or aggressive behavior. Separate them immediately if it doesn’t look like your cats are comfortable together or not ready to meet. The introduction probably needs to be made more slowly. Be careful when you introduce your new cat to your dog. Dogs can hurt or kill a cat. All interactions should be supervised by you until you’re sure it’s safe for them to be alone.


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