How Milk Help Weight Loss

Milk help weight loss is a nice advantage that you should be taken in your weight loss journey. Most people love drinking milk and it becomes one of the most common beverage to drink every day. You don’t need to stop drinking milk in your weight loss program. It is because of the good components inside the milk that can improve the weight loss results. Drinking milk is also a great way to get vitamins and minerals that are essential for your health. The components are such as calcium, vitamin B12, riboflavin, potassium, phosphorus, and also selenium. Some milk products are also commonly fortified with vitamin D and A.

Controlling the Appetite

Exchange your soda or sugary fruit juice beverages with milk during your mealtimes; it will give you more nutrients in a lovely taste. According to British Journal of Nutrition’s study published in January 2011, drinking milk will help controlling your appetite because milk contains calcium and protein. The study was done in obese women that had low calorie diet and proved that milk help weight loss. The subjects felt full much longer after drinking milk compared with the subjects who drank other type of beverage that has the same amount of calories.

Weight Loss with Milk Drinking

Based on a study entitled “Nutrition, Metabolism and Cardiovascular Diseases” in July 2011, drinking milk that is in low fat type will help weight loss much better than only consuming calcium supplement or drinking soy milk. This is because of the higher content of calcium inside the low fat milk rather than the other beverages. The participants of the study consumed 3 servings low fat milk every day. As the result, they lost extra 3.7 pounds as long as the eight week study compared with those who also had low calorie diet and consumed 500 – 600 mg of dietary calcium every day. The participants also lost lightly more weight than the participants who only drank 3 glasses of soy milk plus 800 mg of dietary calcium every day.

Body Composition

Milk consumption as long as the weight loss journey will also help improving body composition. According to an article entitled Nutrition and Metabolism in 2013, the milk help weight loss is not the only function, but also help building the muscles for the branched amino acids chains if you do the muscle building workouts. The muscle you have will be maintained as you drink milk. It means that drinking milk will help losing fat and building muscle.

Based on the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in August 2007, if you do strength training workouts as fat loss efforts, you will have more muscle increasing if you drink fat free milk after the exercise compared with drinking soy milk or snacking carbs in the same calorie numbers. Muscles will burn more calorie than fat does, the increasing muscle mass will support your weight loss program with the Meticore Advanced Diet Pills Supplement

Milk Types

It is important to find to know the calorie contained in the milk that is going to drink. Fat-free milk will be the best option because it contains higher calcium and protein but lowest calorie about 83 calorie rather than whole milk or 2% milk. By choosing the right milk, you can get the best advantages from the milk help weight loss program.

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