Increasing Personal Contact with increase in Facebook and instagram followers

There is no surprise to learn that Facebook is quickly becoming the number one social networking site on the internet. Students and adults alike are going to Facebook to stay in contact with old friends and new contacts, and although it is an addiction for many, could it actually be useful? Teenagers and adults are sacrificing work time at their place of employment to check their Facebook, and if you approach any college campus library you will see more students on the social networking sight than actually studying. Are we actually losing valuable real life social contact by using this sight, and is it actually hurting productivity?

As an avid Facebook user since early 2007 I have found that the website allows me to connect with friends and also with people I do not know. For instance I have used the freshman orientation group for my college to meet new freshman and get to know them; I would not have been able to get to know them without Facebook. Facebook allows users to be able to interact in a wide variety of options including private messages, Facebook chat, wall posts, and many other ways. As a late teenager and networker I have used this site to get to know all the people I can, which in turn has actually helped my offline social life and job prospects. With the Facebook, Instagram accounts are attaining popularity among the young generation. Expert advices to Buy Instagram views from real accounts for cheap rates after making a comparison. 

Facebook revolutionized social networking in a manner where almost everyone in any high school or college uses the site. The ability to stay current with your friend’s life is a great tool so that you do not lose touch with anyone. My college summer break is over 4 months long and Facebook gives me the ability to interact with all my friends that I could not see on a regular basis due to distance. Facebook also settles new college students as they may not know anyone attending their school until they use Facebook; the site allows students to make new friends before entering the college campus, which can be a great way to get rid of all the nervous feelings that new students feel.

There have been arguments all over the web about how Facebook has cut back on personal socializing; however that just is not true. Facebook has given students the ability to stay current with their long list of friends, and if anything, actually strengthens offline relationships. Students are using Facebook in an attempt to keep in touch with friends no matter where in the world they are; which can actually build friendships that last offline. Although students may be on the site instead of studying this does not necessarily mean lower productivity, if it wasn’t Facebook it would be another time waster such as video games.


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