Intuition for every children to learn

Intuition is something most people are born with. People make decisions based on their gut feelings. They follow their instincts when it comes to most decisions in their life that need them to react quickly and without thought. Interestingly most often these are the right decisions. That is because when you are in a flight or fight situation then control goes from your conscious mind to the subconscious one. The subconscious mind is often more able to see clearly and is not distracted by all the details that can so overpower you.

While everyone is born with a degree of intuition, there are some who are gifted. Just like some children are musically gifted or naturally athletic. And just as the innate musical or athletic talent needs to be nurtured and honed over a lifetime of training, so also psychically gifted people need to hone their skills and train their minds and senses to hear, see and feel more to be good psychic readers.

Intuition is a trait that is found, sadly, in very few kids as it is an inborn ability and one needs to have sharp focus and presence of mind regarding his surroundings so as to come up with intuitive conclusions, which are nearly always right. It also scores over logical thinking by making intellectual leaps of complex topics and if your kid has it all then even an A level tutor will become proud to call him his student.

Some are naturally gifted in these skills and abilities and if they learn to use these skills and understand and interpret what they are seeing correctly, they become good psychic readers. The imagery or language of the psychic realm is one that is difficult to discern and a psychic should be very careful not to rashly interpret what he or she sees any which way.

The psychic should centre and still himself and free himself from all negative influences before starting the reading for his client and should be very careful not to jump to conclusions based on text book case scenarios. Instead he or she should reach within for inspiration and use his experience to see what is concealed and what is real. That is how a psychic reader can perform most accurately. Psychic readers need to be demonstrably accurate.

The development of a person’s psychic talent to make them good psychic readers will depend largely on the time and dedication they display to honing these skills. Good psychic readers are made of more than just psychic ability. It takes training and experience to be accurate and not just lucky. Everyone can use their intuition to get lucky and predict something sometime but for someone who chooses to develop their psychic abilities and use it for the greater good, more than mere luck is involved. They need to be able to predict reasonably accurately most of the time.

A person seeking to use his psychic abilities needs to have good intuitive skills to start with but then he needs to live reasonably purely and keep out malign influences on his own life and senses so that he can tune in to what his sixth sense is telling him. More importantly he needs experience and training to interpret what he sees or hears and make accurate predictions.


Carrie Ragsdale is a blessing, as her fellow writers say. She is a wonderful writer and her articles are something everybody loves. She mostly writes about nature and food.