Microsoft Word Free Download In Modern World

Microsoft, the American multinational tech company which develops, manufacturers, supports and sells software of a computer, personal computers, consumers electronics, and other related things.

Microsoft provides many programs, but amongst all, the most used program is the Microsoft Office suite. Ms word, the word processer, is used to make documents for professionals platforms. Many advanced MS word features give us the chance to format, edit and create a worthy document in its best possible manner. 

Finding MS Word And Its Usages

Getting MS Word on your personal computer is easy and simple:

After starting the computer, one must look into “all programs” and then go to the MS office to get the MS Word. MS Word allows you to do write-ups, create documents, resumes, letters, contacts, etc. It is the most commonly used program in the office suite. It is amongst the office productive application or tools under the Microsoft Office suite, which Richard Brodie and Charles Simonyi developed. This Microsoft Word can be accessed through Microsoft Windows, Android, Apple Mac OS, and Apple iOS. 

Features Of Microsoft Word

Many features of Microsoft have made the life of people working on the platform so easy and comfortable while working; some of the useful features are:

  • Home

Home in Word has given options to make your work attractive and different from others. One can change font size, font color, font style, bullets, and many others, making the work presentable. 

  • Insert

Insert has allowed all people are working with Microsoft Word to get tables, shapes, charts to make the document more attractive. 

  • Design

The design space will be helpful for those who want to enhance the look of the document. 

  • Page Layout

For those who are looking for different orientations, margins, lines, etc. Can opt for an appropriate page layout to make it look different. 

  • Review

The review tab is for checking the document, its grammar, thesaurus, language, word count, etc., to track the document’s mistakes. 

There is also an option to view the document in which one can see the page layout, width, and many other things.

Creating A Letter In Word

There are various usages of Microsoft office as there are different templates that make the experience of letter writing simple and quick. It has to be pointed out that some templates are created by Microsoft office while others contribute to the Microsoft community members. It has specialized templates, which made it easier for people to format. 

There are some steps which one should follow for better letter writing. One must follow these steps to make their letter-writing experience good and easy to tackle.

  • Step 1

It is very important to get an internet connection for your computer as one needs to get internet to access the temple from the office.

  • Step 2

After opening the Microsoft Word, one needs to go with the “office” and then select “new.” The new document will be open with several templates. After that, scroll down till you get the “letters.” 

  • Step 3

One must select the type of letter that they need to write. 

  • Step 4

Get your desired template. These Microsoft office templets have specific areas to fill one’s name, contact details, address, and information. Click on the specified place and write these things. 

These templates help newbies since they provide a simple way to follow to get things done correctly.

Microsoft has made things easier and faster for the rapid pace of any official work. Those who want their work to be done rapidly can go for microsoft word free download to make things faster and easier for them.


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