The Art Of Making Music: All About The Musical Styles

We are surrounded by sounds everywhere, from the singing of birds and the sound of waves on the shore to the whistling of cars in traffic. Still, sometimes we deliberately combine sounds to create a unique environment or communicate ideas or emotions. These compositions of sound are termed music.

What is music?

It is a collection of sounds or coordinated sounds. Making music is arranging sounds and tones, which are usually combined to create a single composition. The musicians creatively organize the sound to achieve the desired effect. Music is composed of tones, vibrations, and bits of silence. It is not always pleasant or beautiful but is used to send a range of experiences, circumstances, and emotions.

Almost all human cultures have a tradition of creating music. Thousands of years ago, people discovered examples of early musical instruments such as flutes and drums. Today, rock and pop artists tour around the world and play the songs that gained their popularity. These are all examples of music.

Some popular styles of music

  • Rock and Pop

Rock and pop are acknowledged to be the most important musical styles of our time. There are many directions with their specific genres. Rock music has developed since the 1950s and is portrayed by fast-paced guitars. Electric guitar, separate acoustic guitar, and bass guitar is played together or separately. The drums follow these rhythms. Sometimes other instruments are employed to supplement the rhythm further. The music is quieter, and the guitar gives way to the keyboard or synthesizer. Sometimes pop music is not played by a backing band at all, which is not common in rock music.

  • Rap music genre

In recent years, rap has secured a place in the rankings. Rap music is famous for its fast-paced singing. The higher the BPM, the more impressive the song looks. Sometimes they have conflicting meanings.

  • Techno music genre

The characteristic of Techno is that the rhythm is fast. Some of them can no longer be danced on. Therefore, the human voice plays a secondary role. In many songs, the human voice is excluded, or only the chorus is supplemented. Techno lives in electronic rhythm and is stored in a computer. The DJ plays music and tunes it on the turntable or mixer.

  • Classical genre 

Classical music originated before there was any electricity. Hands instead of amplifiers play all musical instruments. Classical music consists of several parts played on different tools. The vocal part is used as music. Both the individual voice and the timbre of the choir have scored.

  • Alternative style music

The most famous alternative music genre include jazz and country music. Jazz is portrayed by wind instruments, rich in emotion and expressive lyrics. Country music is the music of a person who loves freedom. This type is related to the wild west and life in nature. Usually, they dance to the rhythm of the music.

An aspiring music composer can compose a song in any of the genres mentioned above and submit your songs to music blogs that want your music. 


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