The Most Effective Exercises People Dont Know About

Need something to add extra kick to your workout routine? Struggling to find just the right form of exercise that will give you the motivation and challenge to improve yourself in every physical aspect? The most popular and well-known exercises aren’t always the best ones for you. Sometimes you have to look on the neglected side of things. Take a peek into the world of some of the exercises you’ve never even thought about trying before. The rewards might just be better than you would have thought.

Everyone knows about swimming, if only because of Olympics fame. But have you considered using water for other athletic activities, such as rowing a boat? Yes, you read that right, rowing is one of the best exercises you can possibly do to get a comprehensive full-body workout. Rowing will work your heart, lungs, arms, and legs to a great extent, all at the same time. And the calorie-burning potential of this exercise is truly incredible for the relatively small amount of time put into it. While you may not have access to a beautiful lake and a perky little boat to row, that’s why indoor rowing machines are available. Nothing quite beats the real thing for environmental enjoyment, but the machines do an excellent job as well if all you care about is working your body to its limit.

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Mountain or rock climbing is another overlooked secret exercise. In fact, many people don’t even think of it as exercise so much as needlessly dangerous nature exploration, a kind of vertical hiking! But working against gravity for such extended periods of time gets your body really pumped up, and will exercise every limb and a ton of muscles you wouldn’t use in other kinds of aerobics exercises. There’s few things in the world more powerful than gravity, so why not recruit it as an extra tool in your fitness arsenal? The downside, of course, is that rock climbing is a bit dangerous, and requires special training and equipment to do properly. Most people who try it out will say that it’s worth it, though, both for the bodily health and the emotional highs.

Moving to the realm of competitive sports, tennis is a great place to start. When you only need one partner or just a wall to practice with, it becomes a very accessible form of exercise. The rapid sprinting back and forth will test your stamina and leg strength, while smacking around that fuzzy green ball will do a surprising amount for your upper body strength. In general, it’s also terrific for improving bodily coordination, since it involes rapid use of all four limbs with an emphasis on accuracy.

Those are the top three well-rounded forms of exercise that are most often neglected, but there are plenty of others out there if you crave more still! Remember to not fall prey to the ignorant opinions of the crowd on what will do your body good. You have to determine that for yourself. And if you can have fun while exercising, all the better!


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