The Story Of Joshmacdonald And Key Learnings

We are a population of seven and a half billion people all across the globe. There are different types of people with different personalities all across the world. Even in a household, there are people with different talents, potentials, likes, and dislikes. According to psychology, every person has a different set of characteristics that make up a person’s personality. Having indivisible differences is good because when there are people of different capacities, there would be different brains trying out different possibilities to solve a problem. And if everyone were of the same type, it would be mundane and boring as everyone could think of only one solution and answer everything in the same way.

The beauty of capability

As said above, every person is filled with immense potential. One has to cater their power in the right direction. For instance, you might be very good with words, but if you’re trying to be a good singer, you might not succeed that we’ll. Therefore, it is always advised to strive for goals that align with your passion. This makes the person feel happy about their career as well as makes them enjoy their jobs. We never know how much they might gain interest and want to ace in their field. If a child gets a nurturing and supportive environment, anything can happen. The child can learn to use the environment and the privileges effectively and make a good future. After all, the children are the future of the country and the world. One must not compromise in providing the basic needs to the youth to get ample opportunity to grow.

About Josh MacDonald

One of the biggest inspirations for many has been joshmacdonald. Josh is a perfect example of how sheer dedication and hard work can change your life for the good. He has worked tirelessly throughout his whole life. At an age as early as 14, josh worked towards achieving something big and out of the ordinary. In his school days itself, he managed to run two successful software companies. Moreover, in his initial college days, he also founded an e-commerce brand. Joshmacdonald started internet marketing by the age of fourteen and has been exploring various possibilities of success continuously.

A Successful Author

Apart from being a successful entrepreneur, josh is also a keen author. His books are a great tool for the marketing software professional who is new to the field and is learning how to manage their job well. His book “the nontechnical founder” has been well received by the audience and critics. He is not only conveying his experience and knowledge through his books. Still, He has also taken the initiative to help other professionals through videos on Udemy, YouTube, and clarity. He is also paying his contribution towards writing quality articles at known newspaper and magazine names such as Huffington Post, Elite Daily,, Lifehack, Entrepreneur, The Inquisitor, and more.

Achieving highs in one’s life only comes with the hunger to do great. Joshmacdonald is a great example of that.


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