Tips for Current and Expecting Dads

Men have more trouble adjusting to parenthood than women. This is no secret and is probably more so do to the fact that women are the ones who have babies. Regardless, it can be just as hard for women and one of the reasons there are so many single moms today, is that men don’t know what to do or how to adjust to taking care of a baby. Men who don’t stay around because they don’t want the responsibility are a whole other story. The men who do want to be a part of their children’s lives sometimes are looked at as bad fathers because they only know how to follow the bad example someone set for them. The main thing, current or expecting dads should do, is to try to get their minds going in the right direction so everything can fall into the right place.

When you have kids your life is no longer yours. You shouldn’t be planning to go hang out with your friends when you get off of work everyday. Truthfully you shouldn’t plan to do anything after work or on the weekends, except spend time with your children first. When you do get the chance to do something for yourself, like hang out with the fellas, play ball, or come home and play on the Internet or something, great! But that stuff needs to be planned around your children. If you get it in your mind first, it won’t be such a struggle for you, when you don’t get to do the things you want to do for yourself.

Whether you want to be a role model or not your kids are going to look up to you, so make sure you don’t do or say things in front of them that you wouldn’t want them to do or say. Not only should we correct our thinking, but we should also correct our speaking. Children are smarter nowadays that we were, when we were their age. They pick up on things very quickly. Regardless, of how we were raise ourselves, we need to put forth our very best efforts to set a good example. If you happen to have a disagreement with your children’s mother, don’t get into a screening match with her in front of them. Children bottle things up when they are very young and it effects them in a major way as they grow. So just make sure that when your kids are around, you learn how to control your mouth and your actions.

Children need their fathers. Men have a different effect on kids than women do. Kids that have fathers that set good examples tend to be more successful in life. What kind of father wants his children to be unsuccessful? I’ve never met parents that have wanted their kids to be failures and I hope I never do. More men are stepping up to be a part of their children’s lives nowadays. But just being in their lives without doing the right things, is not enough. You brought them into this world, so it is your responsibility to make sure that you do your best to help them live their lives the best possible way they can.

On a side note, it is important to have a comprehensive sensory integration gym as it will have workout sessions that will keep the kids active.


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