5 Fascinating Gadgets You Must Have Today

We all have our favorites. In today’s technologically advanced society, how can we not have our picks of top gadgets? Especially those which you can purchase from https://www.dfydaily.com/. It is a crime not to play favorites, with so many choices! Of course, taste changes over the years, as newer, better, and just plain cooler gizmos are released to consumers for fawning. What if, with the large number of fancy electronic toys available, you simply are not sure what to invest in? Don’t worry if you’re a little behind, and still stuck on your Blackberry Pearl. Shame on you, but there is hope yet! After reading all about the must have’s I have lined up for you, you will ditch your Pearl and upgrade!

Since we are on the subject of phones, that seems like a good place to start for this gadget list. The Droid by Motorola is one, if not the hottest cell phones out right now. Known as the phone with a “hi” I.Q., it’s hard not to be impressed; it is super thin, super sleek, and super fast! Just what you need in today’s fast-paced society. With a 5 mega pixel camera and superb video recording capability beyond even some digital cameras out now, the Droid means business when it comes to capturing life’s moments. For those of you who love to have leg room on a phone, with plenty of memory space to store and store, Droid has that covered too. A16 gig micro-SD is pre-installed on this baby. You’ll never be bored either; Droid comes with a multitude of applications to sink your teeth into. Google, Youtube, Facebook, it’s a phone catering to your every need. If you feel behind on the latest ‘it’ cell phones, getting yourself a Droid will fix that problem, stat!

While you are on your Droid, you will likely be tempted to log onto Facebook. For those of you who think Myspace is still the go-to social networking website, once you register for your Facebook, you will never look back. You not only actually know your friends on Facebook, but you can post on their walls and have a continuous conversation, unlike Myspace where all comments were lumped in one side bar, making following a conversation difficult. There are the infamous status updates too, where you can type interesting tidbits about your day. It’s hard not to like Facebook with all there is to do. From commenting on photo albums to joining networks and groups for the most random yet relatable aspects of life, like becoming a fan of ‘always having to spell my name for people’. Facebook will entertain you for hours.

You’ll probably need some music to listen to as you browse profiles, and that is where Apple’s Ipod Touch comes into play. Depending on how much of a music person you are, you might find the eight, thirty-two, or even sixty-four gig more to your liking. Regardless of how much storage special you think you need, the capability of this Ipod puts all other Ipods, which have been pretty amazing, to shame. It’s touch screen, chalked full of applications which will have you addicted. Browse the internet with awesome Wi-Fi, check your email, store photos, and play challenging games. All of which, may I add, looks amazing on the 3.5 inch crystal clear widescreen! The Touch will quickly become your new best friend.

If you haven’t found a new gadget or service yet to drool over, let’s talk about a service which is so low in cost you will be pleasantly surprised. I’m talking about NetFlix, of course, the movie and television show provider which is sweeping the country, putting places like Blockbuster out of business. That’s because for a low monthly price of 10 bucks you can order an unlimited amount of DVD’s from Netflix to enjoy at home. The process works fast. You’re sent one DVD, you watch it, send it back, and your next one arrives soon after. With a huge range of movies and television shows from nearly any and every genre to exist, it’s hard not to be impressed by Netflix. Blockbuster, who?

Okay, the last gadget is probably no real surprise. It’s been talked about endlessly since its release. I can’t help mentioning it, though, because it’s just that great; it is a gadget you don’t want to live without, especially after using it for the first time. Apple’s iPad is basically a whole new gadget that’s so cool and not bad price-wise, once you browse Safari on the touch screen, discover the vast array of applications, and marvel at the graphics themselves, you will be sold. It’s thin, lightweight, and has a 9.7 inch display screen. To put it simply, if you are going to invest in one of the recommendations from this article, the iPad is probably the King selection.

There you have it; five fancy and high-tech purchases you will not regret. Each and every one is top notch, and will leave you addicted. I know I can personally vouch for that, as can countless others. So if you are looking for a way to get caught up, but are a little intimidated with all of the options today’s technology offers, the five detailed above are a sure way to do just that.


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